Punjabi Makeup Tutorial With Hairstyle and How I Celebrated Makar Sakranti in Ahmedabad

My Makeup Look for Lohri

ऐ लो जी, लो आ गयी  Lohri. आप सभी नु लोहरी दी लख लख वधाईयां! लोहरी के संग मकर संक्रान्त, पोंगल एवं बिहू की भी सुभकामनाये। 

मैं कहा जी लोहरी विच कुछ स्पेशल करना चाहीदा। वैसे तो इस टाइम सब कुछ स्पेशल ही होता है क्यूंकि नयी फैसले कटती  है, सूर्य धनु राशि से मकर राशि में प्रवेश करता है और लम्बे दिनों की शुरुआत होती है. बड़े अच्छे दिन होते है यह. ठण्ड थोड़ी काम होती है और मौसम सुहाना हो जाता है. 

यह त्यौहार सिर्फ भारत में ही नहीं, कई अनेक देशो में भी मनाया जाता है जैसे की थाईलैंड में songkaran, म्यांमार में थिनयनं और नेपाल में माघे संक्रांति के रूप में. 

How I celebrated My Makar Sankrant and Lohri in 2020

This year, I was in Ahmedabad where the festival is celebrated as "Uttarayan" with lots of kites and sweet dishes. 

We also bought lots of traditional sweets like Gazak, Til Papdi, Khakhra [Gujarati special] and Savories. 

I missed attending the kites festival and my Punjabi friends with the bonfire set but I enjoyed the festival at home with loads of good food [like Makke ki Roti, sweets, etc] and creating a new makeup tutorial for all my lovely viewers/ followers. 

This time Makar Sankrant was on 15th January. We give the Siddha [ a plateful of raw one-time sattvic meal ingredients] to a brahmin/ pundit and 14 identical items to married women or poor people. We call it "Bana". We also mark some "Bana" for the mother in law in the form of money. [After all, she is the one who blessed us with our groom]. 

All the Bana and Siddha need to be accompanied by Til Gud [a traditional sweet made of Jaggery and Sesame seeds] and some money. Haha, there is nothing for the bahu except for the good wishes that you may receive by donating meaningful stuff to poor or needy that day. [Lolz some time I wonder if there is any Indian festival that believes in honoring the Bahu, just kidding. You can buy new clothes and jewelry for yourself]

Coming back to Bana, I earlier used to bring 14 different items other married women but given the constraint of finding the quorum and a bigger motivation to help the needy, this year I decided to donate to poor.

Given the increased chill in the weather [yeah blame global warming], we thought of giving them some good woolen like a blanket/shawls for protection in winters. In a bid to find right stuff, we landed at the "teen Darwaza" market in Ahmedabad and after hours of search in the dusty, crowded lanes we could not find a good quality blanket. We tossed from tiffin boxes to clean bath towels but given the low availability and lack of time, we finally settled for some good quality plates for them. 

Maybe next time we should plan and execute better. If you have any ideas, do share it with me.

Well, that's a lot about how I celebrated my festival this year. Now let's talk about the Lohri special makeup

My Lohri Special Makeup

To earmark this special occasion, I have created a special makeup look for all my viewers. It is traditional and easy to do a makeup look. You can do with the minimal cosmetics available at your disposal. 

Watch the Video to watch the complete easy tutorial

You can also watch this video on my YouTube Channel and pl do subscribe My Channel on YouTube

So well, my dearies. This was my Lohri/Makar Sankrant special vlog/blog. I hope you all will like it. Do let me know your comments/feedback/suggestions on the same. 

A special thanks to my ailing mother who had been a great support throughout and helped me to prep up for my festival and bring together this look. It took us inhuman hours and immense strength to go around the places in search of items for donation including multiple discussions with vendors reg quality supplies and availability. She went pillar to post to help me even on the video despite her bad health and patiently supported me throughout the video shoot, look assembling. lighting and editing. 

So do share your support and follow me on my social media channel as well.

I have shared another glimpse of this look on my Instagram page too. Do check it out there!

Stay Haute, Celebrate India

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