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To Travel is to live! And I love living the moment and often travel to places that I am fond of. One such lace is Jaipur. The pink city in Rajasthan hinterland is quite close to my heart. I have spent considerable time in this city yet I have barely been around. 

Besides, Jaipur being a hub for weddings, ensures that I visit this place more often than any other city especially to attend family weddings.

One such wedding is of my dearest younger cousin- Tinnu AKA Saurabh. 

Given my frequent visit to Jaipur during my school days, I have spent considerable time with Saurabh and given his warm and loving nature, he is quite close to my heart. For that matter the entire family who had always been my pillar of support. 

Time flies and little Chimpu [Saurabh] grew from the cutest kid in the block to a fine young man. And it is time for his wedding bells. So if Saurabh is getting married then how could I not attend it? 

I was so excited that I booked wrong flight tickets for Jaipur but thanks to hubby he still found a way and new tickets for Mumbai to Jaipur. After taking 2 flights, we finally reached Jaipur on the cold winter night. And we stayed there for almost 3-4 days. I was quite busy with festivity and as usual, daunting health that I could shoot very little at the venue. But I still could manage to capture some interesting memories from this trip and compiled it into two videos-

1) The Amer trip [Watch Video Here] [Read blog here]

2) The Jaipur Travelogue [YouTubeLink]

In this blog, I will talk about the second vlog which is a fun video on some glimpses from the wedding, my shopping at Pink city and a quick room tour of the 3rd hotel [Radisson blu] where we stayed post the wedding. For the 1st two hotel tours, you would have seen them on my Insta story. In case if you missed it, check out the "Travel" tab in my Instagram Profile to find them.

Right now, check my quick travel log here-

Do check out the second video here and share your feedback/views via comments.

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Jaipur Hotel Reviews

Owing to our ticketing mishap and meaning to spend an extra day in the city, we shuffled between the three different hotels viz ITC Fortune, Holiday Inn, and Radisson Blu. 

As mentioned above, I have taken through individual room tour on my Instagram stories [ektakhetan], they still sit at the "Travel" tab for those who are interested in a video glimpse.

Here are the few glimpses of the different hotels we stayed in.

Hotel no 3 Radisson Blu

Its wedding season wherein all the hotels in Jaipur were running packed. We needed to leave the Holiday Inn where we stayed during the wedding cause it was fully booked. Since we had an early morning flight, we looked for hotels near the airport. Radisson was pre-booked by hubby but due to some confusion, we needed to re-book the place. Fortunately, we landed ourselves a corner room in business class which is actually meant for one business traveler. Since we had day-long plans at the city, the hotel room was only sued for shower, powder and catching a few winks.

I have featured a fun room tour in my above video, do check if you have not checked it yet.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Hotel no 2 Holiday Inn

It is quite a huge property by virtue of the number of rooms. Our room was quiet at the distant end of the floor but was such a beautiful room. I loved the room here most of all the hotels we stayed during this trip to Jaipur. We spent the least of the time here due to the wedding process and functions yet I loved the rooms cause of cozy factor.

The accessibility is good, if you have walking difficulties, ask for a room near elevators.

Rating: 4/5 [sans food]

Hotel No 1 ITC Fortune

We stayed here only for a night, the night when we landed in Jaipur. The room was quite big and the bathroom was even bigger. It was quite a decent stay. We ordered some food at night which was ok-ok.

Overall rating: 4/5 [sans food]

Other Activities in Jaipur

If you have gone to the pink city, you would at least two of these things-

1) Shopping At Bapu Bazaar/ Nehru Bazaar

2) Travel to Amer fort

Well, we did exactly that and covered them in the above vlog. Do check them out!

Overall it was a fun trip and quite a memory.

Do let me know if you like my vlogs and travel stories. I would love to get your feedback on the same.

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