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I ❤️ Mother Nature!

There ain't anything as beautiful and as versatile as Nature Earth!

Living inside our heavily concrete jungles, we have forgotten the debt of nature. The love, support, and nurture that planet earth gives us, is unsurmountable.

We, humans, are selfishly cutting trees, breaking mountains, polluting rivers and harming the natural fauna and flora.

I just wonder where is the end to it? Animal cruelty is so wide and absolutely disgusting. It is like we human, in spite of our strengths and intelligence, we have become so selfish that we do nix a thought before we pick up an ax. An ax to destroy or abuse natural resources.

I feel very saddened, and I feel restricted. I hope I can do more for the cause. In my limited ability to live my debt towards nature, I aim to practice kindness and inclusive living. I try and avoid products that are animal tested. I am a vegetarian who is trying hard to go vegan i.e. limit the usage of milk products. I also aim to spread awareness. If you know a way I can stand up more effectively for these values, let me know.

While you read this blog, try and commit to coming for the cause of nature and animals.

The wildfire in Australia broke my heart, seeing the animals on the street brings me to pain. I wonder what they eat, how they drink esp in summers and what happens to them when it rains?

The amount of AC and refrigerators we use is increasing the CFC content and global warming every day. Which means more heat and aggression in the outdoor, the external environment. More heat for the flora and fauna to bear with painfully. Why are we not doing anything about it? Oh yes, we are now creating homes with central AC. How inclusive and thoughtful of our lech mentality. We are desperately taking away rights of everything else that God created, to make our lives more luxurious. But is it sustainable? Think thoroughly about it.


Moving from my outbursts to back to the blog. While we all try and figure out, how we can give back to mother Earth, give back meaningfully and extensively. There are small-small things we can also do to prove our capabilities.

I am trying to find mine, if you are reading this post, you too please do something about it. I welcome all your thoughts and if you want to pen an article on the same, you are most welcome to guest blog here and on

A Little Green Thumb Approach in My House

The indoor air is quite polluted. And I am refraining to buy another electrical device to combat it. It is like burning more coal or water to produce electricity and planting another electronic device at the home. Naah!

In my previous blog/vlog, I have spoken about a natural air-purifier that a brand sent me. I am actually greedy for a more natural thing, I am greedy for plants and am greedy to spread plantation drive across the world.

I love plants. However, given my out of suitcase living [hostel life throughout education days], hectic work lifestyle, frequent travel and smaller size of my apartment [with barely any space for plants], and my lack of gardening skills, I always stayed away from doing so.

When I was staying in my Malad- Kandivali apartment, my mum had helped pot some plants in the name-sake window grill we had in that house. But due to shifting into a plant un-friendly hi-fi building and a very mean old neighbor [Mrs. Shah] who stole my plants during the transit and lied openly about it, I lost almost all my plant pots.

Heartbroken, I donated almost all the pots to my new building garden, keeping 2-3 for the new home. Alas! that also did not work.

The new building did not have ample space or sunlight for the plants. So I kept a few near my door [corner house] near a window for sunlight. While I was regularly taking care of the cleaning part, the old members of the building committee were too rude to throw them away including the holy Tulsi. I requested them a lot but in vain. Politics always wins over sustainability ;)

As a result, I have to move those plants inside the house and due to lack of sunlight, they could not sustain. I still have not given up. Again with the help of my mom, I planted Aloe Vera and other plants that could grow in less sunlight. Only a few could sustain.

The ALOE VERA and Ajwain died cause someone pulled it out of the root and filled the pot with excess water [well if you have plants at home and you delegate tending it when you are away, this can happen]. In spite of two well-blooming pothos, a loaded tulsi, two aloe vera, and an indoor leafy plant, I shifted to my new house [another rental apartment in Ahmedabad] with just one Pothos and that leafy plant.

This time, however, I selected a house with a gallery [balcony] that opens in the front. My first step was to revive my Pothos and the other leafy indoor plant, which I successfully did. My first attempt to propagate the Pothos wasn't successful so I decided to get ones from the nursery.

This time, I do not want anything to limit me from extending my love for indoor plants. So I am trying to learn a lot about plants, gardening, etc. Come join in this journey of mine.

Do not feel limited. Let not limits as an excuse for not doing a thing ruin your drive. I have seen an extreme desert kind of a country - UAE trying to develop their own green patch. Yes, I have traveled once from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on a bus and have seen the entire stretch being cropped with plants and a smart irrigation system. I am talking about that route, if you travel there, do take a bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai [It is Luxurious, cost-effective, convenient and clean unlike Buses in India], you will amaze yourself. Kudos to those who planned and worked on that idea!

India please take a lesson. We are blessed with Flora and Fauna and we must respect it.

New in 2020

So, I am trying to extend my love for the plants and gardening by incorporating a small green patch in my rented apartment.
And by the time this blog will be published, I have already had it quite set at my home. Of course, I took help from an expert gardener who is so good with her gardening skills [inspite of no agriculture or horticulture degree] that her small garden that was once laden with boulders and infertile soil, became the best home garden in the entire township. It also won the "best garden" award for 2 consecutive years, so much to the chagrin of other participants who refused to participate from the next time 😝 [People and their insecurities]. Anyways, the idea is to not brag but appreciate which I did not during that time. Today I realize the hard work and dedication that goes behind and I truly appreciate, on all my four and a half!

So circa 2020, I am gonna extend the green thumb from thought to action, and from action to some more content. I am gonna bring you a lot of new content on this blog and my YouTube Channel. Here, pl have a glimpse-

I really hope that you will like this video. Do share your suggestions and feedback. I try to keep my videos as natural and real as possible. So it could make sense to even a layman and women too 😄

You can also follow me on YouTube if you like my content. And do give a good thought to green and sustainable living. Cause what we spend is what we earn. so if you want to earn well, earn sustainably, invest and spend appropriately. This rule works as good in Finance as in Sustainable living.

Go ahead and say yes to sustainable living and do share your feedback, experiences and if any questions with me.


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