Bigg Boss 13 is Promoting Bully Culture Through National TV

Gone are the days when Hindi Entertainment channels in most sugar-coated way relayed "Sanskar" through their various programs. Today the pressure for sustainability is so high that they are breaking their own set rules to promote bully culture through their flagship shows on prime time. 

Bigg Boss 13 is the live example of the same. 

The season is touted as the most popular season of Bigg Boss, and perhaps one of the most violent ones as well. In the desperate bid to make headlines and stay put in the show, the contestants are resorting to tactics like bringing personal lives and displaying a great show of bullying in the reality show. 

Surprisingly, the channel is promoting it on all four. To the extent that they are bending all the rules, they themselves created in the show and carried over past many seasons. 

As a viewer, I stand very confused and somewhat cheated now. Why?


This article is merely an expression of observation and thoughts basis the current showtime. The writer holds no malice or personal favor towards any person or entity. The views are strictly based on the content as displayed in the show. No offense intended,

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