Get Wild Glow with Daughter Earth's Botanical Mask Kit and Panchpushp water

Changing Weather and It's Impact on Skin

The weather is never the same and with changing weather, your skin undergoes a lot of change. From discoloration to acne to dryness and more. Since your skin worries are not one, why should your solution be just one?

Well, sometimes, the solution comes in multiple small round bottles. Read to know more.

Wild Botanicals Face Mask by Daughter Earth

Like the weather, our skin also undergoes a lot of changes and faces different issues. Cosmetics apart, it is important to take care of the skin and what better way than doing it naturally. Healthy and nourished skin is our best makeup. And the safest way to take care of our skin is using organic, botanical products which is pure and preservative-free. The beauty of DE products is they are not just free of parabens, silicone, and sulfates but they are cruelty-free. Well, that is the primary reason I love Daughter earth products cause they have no blood, no tears and no pain on my face. 

Wild Glow Masking Kit (Set of Seven Botanical Ubtans with Floral Essence Mist)

Regular price: INR 1,395.00

Daughter Earth Wild Glow Masking Kit contains a set of seven gentle, minimally processed botanical Ubtans and a floral essence that are designed for daily use, keeping in mind specific nutritional needs our skin has.

Multi-Masking with Daughter Earth Wild Glow Facepack

Video Review of the Daughter Earth Wild Glow FacePack

I have shot a detailed video wherein I have showcased all the different masks and their usage. Go ahead and enlighten yourself. Who knows if your skin worry could find a solution in this video?

Thanks for watching my first impression using DE wild glow masking kit. Hope you will find this video useful. Do share your queries or any concerns with me. Including any video requests.

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Product details

Panchpushp floral mist is an ancient Indian formulation of five divine flowers - Ketaki, Saffron, Rose, Marigold, and Jasmine. Ketaki detoxifies and cleanses the skin while Rose and Marigold soothe, calm and enrich your skin with antioxidants. Jasmine hydrates and tones the skin while Saffron gives the much-needed glow.

Price Rs 645

What's in the box? Ubtans of,
· Java Plum for balancing oil and soothing acne
· Yastimadhu is a complexion enhancer.
· Neem, being anti-microbial and antioxidant, takes care of skin infections
· Brahmi and Moringa are super rejuvenators and antioxidants.
· Lemon rind is a great cleanser and nourishes the skin with Vitamin C
· Aloe Vera soothes sunburns and hydrates the skin.
· Divine Floral Essence made from five flowers to tone, balance and nourish the skin.

How to Use

Mix 1 tsp of any one of the ubtans in a few tsp of rosewater or raw milk or simply water. Make a thin paste or a mushy one to your liking and apply it on your cleansed face and neck. Rinse off after a few minutes. Spritz your face with the floral mist to tone and hydrate the skin. 

Haute Verdict

Anything that is cruelty-free and Vegan has my heart and soul. And if the product is good, I am all for it. I used this product twice and liked it. Some of the masks, as mentioned in the video has such a cooling effect on my skin straight from the start. I am gonna use them more for the upcoming summers to keep my skin healthy. 
Highly recommended!

So give a chance to inclusive living and replace your cosmetics with botanical cruelty-free products.

Stay Haute, Go Cruelty-Free
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