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Anti-Aging Skin Care 

With an ever-changing modern lifestyle, our skincare needs are also changing. The casual ways we use to treat our skin earlier is becoming redundant and calling for a more specific and dedicated regime. Unlike our ancestors, our generation is facing more skin problems like- acne, dehydration, and dull skin. The CTM has become a non-negotiable regime with different kinds of new face care products, slowly shifting from general usage to targeting specific needs of the skin. The anti-aging regime is one of them. A major shift in the anti-aging regime is the shift in the "minimum age" to start this regime. Yes, earlier the minimum age of starting the anti-aging regime was coined as 40-45 years, men and women alike. Now the slab has shifted to 30-35 years. What differs is the intensity of the treatment/ solution. 

30 has been earmarked to start the anti-aging regime as that's the time when our skin reportedly starts aging. The reasons could be varied from lifestyle, genes, eating disorders, stress, pregnancy, or others. The effect, however, could be skin discoloration, dullness, sagging, wrinkles, spots, and more. 

Sound scary? Well, do not be scared, it is a natural process and while we should love the skin we are in, at any age, we must also take good care of it. One good way is to use the right products. 

How to find the right products? Well, it starts from identifying your skin type and opting for less chemical-induced products that are preferably low on parabens, sulfate, mineral oils or others that may damage your skin just to increase the product's shelf life and fund the over-budgeted marketing/branding costs. 

And if you really want to do more good to your skin, go for products that are- cruelty-free!

These are the few parameters to find the right products for your skin, body, and hair. 

Among the different options available in the market, let me suggest a quick, helpful, and easy on the pocket option that will get you started on an anti-aging regime without having to toss a lot of chemicals on your face and body.

Affordable Anti-Ageing Skin Care in a Box

Why go scouting around when you can find the solution in a box. A box that contains-

1) Five Face and Body care products in full size

2) Products made from natural extracts like Goji berry, Tea Tree oil, Lavender and Argan Oil

3) Products that are cruelty-free that means not tested on animals and save you from a heinous act

4) Products free from Sulfate, Silicon and Paraben

5) Original, freshly manufactured products at a price lower than MRP

6) Products worth Rs 4000 in just Rs 1800 packed beautifully inside a reusable gift box made of sturdy cardboard.

7) Product Ordered at Online and delivered at your doorstep

Yes, you can get all this a box called Lujo Box. And you can order it from here-

Lujobox Anti-aging Edition

It is one of a kind beauty subscription box in India that has a solution to your anti-aging skincare needs, and all from one brand- Seer Secret/ Sage Apothecary. Normally the beauty subscription boxes in India send you different range of products from different brands, and mostly in smaller sizes. Lujo Box I feel has gravitated more towards serious skincare buyers who like specific solutions from a luxurious yet affordable brand rather than having a bunch of random products in colorful packaging. Remember the most important packaging for you should be your skin. And instead of spoiling it with random products from altogether different brands- isn't to better to opt for something that is more focussed and serious towards your most important concern. After all, good skin is the best makeup. If your skin is healthy, radiant, and nourished, it will look better, with or without makeup!

So, what's inside Lujo Box Anti-aging Skincare box?

Well, I have put that all in a video, do watch it dear to know more.

You can also watch this video on my YouTube Channel- Ekta Khetan

Another reason that I liked this box is- they have not just included products for the face but a shower gel [unisex] for the body also. And the box has not 1 or 2 but 3 different serums. Oil as we know has great hydrating and rejuvenating properties. Oily skin tends to get wrinkle later than dry skin. A serum comes quite handy to give your face some oil boost without making it look oily or soaked. You can also use the serums to give yourself a light face and neck massage. And they are great to use beneath your makeup base as well. Isn't it a multi-purpose product? 

I hope that you will find this video useful. Do check it out and let me know your feedback. I am currently using the Argan Oil Face serum with Gold Flakes and loving it. 

If you liked this special edition box, do buy it directly from here. No commission, nothing, all straight deal!

In case, if you want to buy an individual product then you can either buy them directly from the Lujobox website or try my Amazon shopping list. I am an avid shopper at Amazon and even opened "my store page" on Amazon. Yeah if you buy from these sources, I may get a paltry commission. And I would be happy to pass that benefit to you in some way if the idea kicks in :) So do not waste time and check out-

My Amazon Store Front:

Products links 

Face Serum 1: 
Face Serum 2: 

You can check their website for discounts if any. 

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Stay tuned for more.

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