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I just thought of sharing with you, an old video from my archive. The video may be old but the content is still relevant. And it is also useful in our day to day life- makeup or no makeup, home or outdoor. 

Yes, this is about my top 5 facewash that I compiled and shared with you all. I am sure you will find it useful.

The range starts from budget to somewhat expensive. I have tried to cover different ranges here. So that you can select and choose as per your preference.

Do watch them all the video here. Alternatively, you can also watch them directly on my YouTube Channel. The URLs are

Video Language: Hindi

My Most Favorite of all the 5 was- Innisfree Green Tea Cleaning pack. It served as a great makeup remover also. 

The texture was creamy yet not sticky and I loved that it did not hurt my eyes either. The tube lasted me long. The second favorite was the one from Patanjali.  

A Collage of All Products mentioned in this Video


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