Plant Nursery Visit and Home Plant Shopping

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In this video, I have blogged about my trip to a local nursery wherein I went to pick up a few home indoor/balcony plants. I have been meaning to buy/plant indoor as well as herbs at my home from ages.

Green Thumb In Rental Apartment

One thing other than time and limited knowledge that came as a hindrance between me and my green thumb is the banjara life I lived in, primarily in rental apartments. Thankfully I did not do as I used to travel a lot and maintaining plants in your absence could be a big pain, making you feel guilty eating anything, thinking the plant must be hungry or craving water back home.

Another factor could be the lack of open air space or ample sunlight for the plants. I faced this at my Andheri Apartment a lot.

So when we shifted to Ahmedabad, we ensured that our apartment should have ample sunlight and have at least one balcony for the plants.

Since this is my rental apartment, I was a little apprehensive initially but I could not stop myself from extending my green thumb to my home and hence the decision. By God's grace, my current apartment has more space than my Andheri House.
Initially, I planned to pick only 3-6 plants but I ended up picking quite some of them. And am so glad that I did so.
Do watch this video to know more about my overall experience.

I hope you liked watching this video. 
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Here are a few of the pictures that I shot at the nursery. Look at them as I feel therapeutic looking at them. How about you? 

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