Trailer Amazing Thailand: Travel Vlog

A Prelude

Hi Dear Blog Readers,

I have recently visited Thailand for around 10-12 days! While a lot of you who are attached with me on Instagram have been watching my multiple travel stories, reels, and more, I will also be sharing detailed videos on travel guides [new changes], Shopping, places to visit, and more.

Let's start with this lovely trailer and do share your love!

Thailand Trailer!

You can also watch this video on my YouTube Channel: Ekta Khetan and other reels on my Instagram page Ekta Khetan. Do care to subscribe/follow me there. I look forward to your love and support!

It is a small/humble trailer that has glimpses of my trip to Thailand. This is not a "be all and end all" of my entire trip but as I mentioned, a few glimpses. Upcoming are some interesting videos on my Youtube and Instagram. So do stay tuned.

I hope my videos would be helpful for those planning to travel abroad including to Thailand. 

Stay Haute,

Haute Kutir


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