Oriflame Nature Secret Relaxing Manicure Set- Lavender and Fig

Are you working for long hours on your computer, laptop or smartphones? Tired fingers or RSI hurting you continuously? 

Or that nail looked chipped and dull? 
Oops dull looking hands, brazened by cleaning soap and sun tan? 

Getting ready for a Tea party but no time to visit Salon?

Just back from a long holiday from beach with sun tan all over including your beautiful hands?

Or simply, you want to pamper your hardworking hands? 

If you have either of the above syndrome or what the heck even if none of it, it is high time that your ever on the duty hands, needs some TLC AKA Tender Love and care. One simple thing is to visit a spa/salon and get an expensive manicure done. Another even simpler is to "DIY" Do It Yourself Manicure at home.

I have this bad habit of chewing off my nails and I am ultra lazy to do anything for self, leave alone applying moisturizer in my hands. I love to visit my Spa and get pampered. however, there is a limit I can frequent to a Salon and there is a time/availability restriction too. Given my hectic lifestyle, visiting parlors have become limited and sorry state of my dull, dry hands made me try a DIY manicure solution from one of my favorite brands- Oriflame.

Oriflame Nature's Secret Relaxing Manicure Set
I chose this product for my love for all things natural, lavender and that intrigue that Figs in beauty products creates for me.

The kit came in a beautiful square box with branded print and bright colors mixed with visuals of key ingredient lavender and fig on the product labels. I was very excited to try it out. 

The kit came with 4 products and the step by step instruction in that order-

  1. Oriflame Nature's Secret Lavender & Fig Hand Soak 150 ml - Take a an appropriate sized bowl/flat bucket to soak your hands. Add warm water and pour 2 caps of the soak and mix. Soak your hands for minimum 10 mins before next step. It is a non foamy solution that aims at pure relaxation.
  2. Oriflame Nature's Secret Lavender & Fig Hand Scrub 150g-  Squeeze out almost 2 teaspoon quantity [for both hands] and rub it on the hands from palm to wrist, covering the desired area in up-down and circular movements for 5 minutes. Reapply if required and then clean off with a soaked towel. I used a white hand towel soaked in hot water and wrapped it around the scrubbed areas for proper steaming.
  3. Oriflame Nature's Secret Lavender & Fig Cuticle Softener 15 ml- it is packed in an applicator pen tube and is quite runny if not hold correctly. Apply it on nail cuticles and rub slowly, pushing the cuticles behind with the applicator. I used a cuticle pusher pin from my other manicure set.
  4. Oriflame Nature's Secret Lavender & Fig Hand Massage Cream 150g- Wipe off the hands post step no3 and time to wrap up "relaxing manicure" session with a hearty hand massage. Take an adequate quantity of the hand cream and apply it on the hands, massaging it thoroughly. 
Tra la la la..you are done! 

Since I was reviewing this product so I used it on my best alibi oops my mom's hands which were tired and needed some TLC. I tried the product twice before posting my experience so that only a fair and just review goes on from me to the readers of Hautekutir.com. [Probably the reason I do lesser reviews as I suggested earlier too, to ensure the opinions are biased free and not carried over by PR sample that Bloggers get] Nevertheless, I had a good experience with the product and it has gained a seat in my chest of Cosmetics and Care. 

What I loved about this product
1) The product not just looks good but leaves a good effect during the usage and post usage.
2) The size for each is quite adequate.
3) The texture is smooth and it is gentle on hands
4) Beautiful packaging
5) Misty Composition of Lavender and Fig
6) Labeled step by step instruction
7) Details of all ingredients used, on label
8) Simple, non messy application
9) Lavender , lavender, Lavender.... Fig, Fig...Fig

What I did not like 
1) It is not a complete manicure solution and aims only at relaxation
2) Suitable only for gentle and delicate/young skin

Haute Kutir's Verdict- The product has a unique proposition of lavender and fig, both a good composition for nature based products. It has a mild, soothing fragrance and comes in a handy pack of 4 travel friendly tubes. The kit is not a "treatment" kit but a "maintenance" kit and is best suitable for women with soft, delicate skin. If you do not feel a huge difference on first use, don't get disheartened as you can see a better difference post 2-3 usages. It is a high end, branded product that lives to it's name and has "relaxing" effect on you. Ah! I loved the fragrance and it's calming effect on my tired hands

Do I recommend this product? Yes off course 

In case if you have used it or looking ahead to try...do share your feedback here. For any other beauty related question, drop me your query in the comment box below. Till then, happy grooming and Happy relaxing!

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  1. Oh this seems great :)

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    Great review :) Seems great kit for those who dont get time to go parlor for manicure. would get this one for my sis. She is also a big fan of Oriflame like me and mostly uses their organic range. She does work from home and sits for 9-10 hours on her laptop. It will defiantly give some relaxation to her hands after having a hectic week :)

    1. Thanks Neha. It indeed is a luxury worth buying. Besides, the price is unbelievable. Go for it!


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