Oriflame Pure Nature Rose Extracts Refreshing Rose Water

A Rose speaks of Love silently in a language known only to the heart

Yes, I love roses and swear by them when it comes to my daily beauty regime. My fascination for rose water goes long back to my childhood where, this pristine liquid was a quintessential part of my daily grooming regime. I would not complete my bath without drops of rose Eau de in it or I would ensure to dab rose water on my face post every face wash. The products changed but the trend continue and no wonder Rose water was the most staple cleanser/ toner in my kitty all these years, irrespective of brands.

With time I became more open to new brands and hence came across Oriflame Pure Nature Rose Extracts Refreshing Rose water. I am so glad that I did.

Before I tell you how much I liked it and what I liked about it, let me tell you a brief about my skin. I always had a problem free skin but off late given the stressed lifestyle, frequent change of weather/water [thing to do with my frequent relocations], food and growing fondness for make up has taken it's toll on my skin. Hence I have become very choosy wrt products that I use on my skin. My skin type is combination, Wheatish to fair.

The product- Oriflame Pure Nature Rose water is a non comeodgenic, totally water based and alcohol free product. 

It is has a multi purpose utility for skin which means - it can be used as facial cleanser, toner, face mist. You can also add it as a diluting agent for your face packs and also as a good after shave for males.

Price- Rs 123 for 75ml bottle is totally worthy of the benefit it offers.

Package- The product comes in a transparent, plastic white and  clear dispenser bottle with a well fixed cap and an adequate size labeling which also includes the instruction to use and list of ingredients used in this.

The bottle is handy and yes, very travel friendly.

My experience-

Before using this product, I was happily using Dabur Gulabari [since childhood], Lotus Rose Skin Toner and other Rose face mist by TheNaturesCo among others. While I found Lotus Rose toner, a little too strong for sensitive skin like mine and TheNaturesCo face mist, a little too soft, Oriflame fits the bill perfectly.

I use this product every time I was my face and must say that this product totally works for me. I find it natural and refreshing.

I have done a different swatch test with it, wherein I have used this product on one part of my face post washing my face with soap, cleanser and water. To do so, I have sprayed it on one side of my face [while keeping my eyes closed] and wiped it off a clean cotton ball. The cotton ball with help of Oriflame rose toner did help in removing that extra dirt off my skin which even soaps like Fiama with Green Tea extracts could not remove.

What I liked about it-
  1. Its quite natural to feel as it claims and refreshing too
  2. It is non Comeodgenic, water based and Alcohol free
  3. It has hydrating ingredients and doesn't leave my skin dry or flaky
  4. It is mildly and pleasantly perfumed
  5. It passed my swatch test wherein it helped me rid off extra dirt particles from my skin even post wash
  6. International luxury at affordable price
What I did not like much-
  1. It contains Paraben- Ethyl, Methyl and Propyl
  2. It hurts if sprayed mistakenly in eyes.  Usually I apply rose water for relaxing my eyes during sleep and wonder if I can use the same product or not.

Haute Kutir Verdict- It is an undisputed #mustHave product in your grooming bag from the house of Swedish cosmetics Oriflame. I so much loved this product that I stopped using all other rose toners currently available to me. You can also carry this in your bag and use to freshen up your face anytime, any place sans soap and water. At price of Rs 123, it is a catch and the bottle indeed lasts for more than a month.  I so much loved the fragrance and it remains static every time I use it. Soft, delicate and pampering. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. 

Do I recommend? Yes off course, strongly recommend.

If you have used this product or wanted to know more before trying it out, do let me know here in the comment section.


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    1. Aww that;s really sweet of you Sindhu.
      I am aware of the contest but not finding time to start a post. I will try but am very unsure about it. Thanks for sharing it.
      I loved your DP here. It is so sweeet. TC

  2. Looks really fresh & pretty..I'm using a rose water from The Nature's Co. and that is good too

    1. Yeah.. I loved this one Jhilmil..try and feel the difference :) Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    Nice review. I've this product and I woud say its a must have for on-the-go women during summers. Does a grand job of refreshing and tightening the pores leaving a light, rosy fragrance. I use it 2 - 3 times a day to keep me looking fresh in hot summers.

    1. Thanks Neha..I am glad that you sue and liked this product. Amazing feedback that you have given here :) Stay tuned.


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