All's well that ends well - Product Review of TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.  ~Kahlil Gibran

The hair is the richest ornament of a woman, said Martin Luther King and I can assure that no women will disagree with it. Indeed they spend a lot of time, perfecting, doing, managing this natural ornament of theirs, their crowning glory.

Hair care in modern age is not mere a luxury but a mandatory practice for every one who do not want to lose their hair or least of all, mar/ underplay her personna, her looks with bad hair. No wonder, the market is inundated with plethora of products across the globe, across the life sciences including horticulture..right a product claims to use flower extract, other claims to use fruit extracts and a other claims something else.

In such confusing time, of high marketing and banding, how will you know that which product is right for you? Off course, from "word of the mouth" i.e using the experience and feedback of people those who have almost similar type like you and faced similar issues as you do. Pie over the pudding is if they try different products and tell you one from the other, with the benefits and banes.

That is the reason "Haute Kutir" does selective product reviews and blogs about the experiences either purely personal or mixed with experiences of other users. I am no brand's PR you see. So expect nothing but truth here, with PR or prejudice :)

TRESemme Split Remedy Solution
TRESemme, one of the new entrants in India which has moved many pillars of "professional solutions" in the market, claiming its products to be saloon like [i.e. professional treatments] has come up with a new product to "rescue split ends" and not just rescue hair from split ends but all to cure it by 97%

Now that is quite a tall statement and whether that statement is true or not, lets decide it only via-
1) Learning from the people who experienced the same
2) Trying out yourself.

My Tryst with TRESemme Split Remedy
Frankly, I do not have a great split end problem and I hate experimenting my sensitive hair with new products. So, when TRESemme launched this new range, given my past good experience with their Ramp ready shampoo, I thought of giving it a try and also asked my neighbor, who is getting married soon but is facing split end problems, to use the same. Before I share the experiences, here's alittle listing about the product-

About the product-  TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo& conditioner, genty cleanses and moisturizes hair making it look healthy and manageable while reducing split ends up to 80% after just 3 uses
The unique system, with an innovative "reconstructing" complex [TM] binds split ends- and with continued use, fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves strands looking Saloon fresh, soft, smooth and easy to style.


What is a split ends and how is it caused?
It is often caused due to harsh chemicals and roughness. SOmetime lasck of right diet and heavy stress.

Traditional/ wide spread methods of treating split ends: Ages ago, women would lite a candle and run the flame over their single strands to try and stick n treat their split ends. You can imagine how effective could be that solution. Some like me, tied their ends in braids, post rigorous oiling leading to stained pillows. Some went for expensive treatments at saloon.

Another most common way to treat split ends is- regular trimming.

To which TRESemme suggested that "Your hair should have beautiful ends, and that endings should never be cut short."

This is a chemical based shampoo and the key ingredients are- Amino and silicone among others [well placed on bottle] like water, Glycol Disterate, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol, Biotin etc. These ingredient form together to in a synergy to reduce the split ends.  It formulates a soft coating on your hair post every wash to help bring the hair fiber together, reducing the friction between each and aligns them together to bring splinted ends into one. 

My overall experience and feedback-
Frankly I used this shampoo for only 5 washes, wherein my neighbor did it more regular. The feedback in terms of "what worked" and "what did not" is as below-

What worked-
1) The shampoo and conditioner have a very smooth texture and leaves your hair feeling fresh post wash
2) The product is very mildly fragranced and hence good for hair.
3) It leathers well and easy to rinse out
4) Economically prized, easily available in retail plus online markets
5) Good packaging with contrast color bottle to place them neatly on shower and identify shampoo from conditioner

What did not work for me-
1) The shampoo like it's other range, leathers well. However, it does not washes the oil completely in one wash and you need to wash it twice at least. Well that may be good thing but indeed that double application does not leave your hair harsh n rough is a good thing too.

Will I purchase this again: May be no as I barely have any splt ends problem [touch wood]
Do I recommend to others? May be yes but depending on their air type and nature of problem.

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Till then, happy blogging and yeah do shampoo twice a week, followed by conditioner.

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