Bloggers Event- #ArtOfOiling with Parachute Advansed & Nargis Fakhri

I am a beauty reviewer and writer who loves her hair dearly. My hair care regime is simple-OCCC

O- Oiling
C- Cleansing
C- Conditioning
C- Covering [when traveling in an open window scenario]

I am a stern believer in oiling my hair especially before washing and it is a ritual that I have been doing since my childhood. I still remember how my Grandma insists on oiling my hair every day, especially with coconut oil. Needless to say, Parachute was the most preferred/ used brand since those days. 

Parachute is one of the flagship brands of Marico Group, the pioneers in Oil and allied industry. So when Parachute invited me for a DIY Blogger's event on rediscovering the fading #ArtOfOiling with International Massage Expert Moses Chundi and the Gorgeous Nargis Fakhri, all my childhood memories of Parachute [different logos, packaging] came reminiscent and I canceled my Hair spa appointment with my Salon to attend the same. 

The event was not just a tick in the box but was a very well planned, conceived and organized one. In spite of the unexpected rain, the organizers and the team at Venue 69 managed to pull up a wonderful venue, ambiance and a setting that was just perfect. Here's a top view Dekko-

It was an open-air setting with a small stage, a colorful sitting arena for bloggers and media with a table consisting of oiling essentials, for each and hair wash booths at the end, and of course Camera all around.

Rediscovers the fading art of oiling with a line of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) oil massage techniques that are quick, easy & fun developed for daily rejuvenation

Most of us are juggling with our multi-faceted daily life with multiple challenges and roadblocks. At such times, it has become imperative to invest quality time in ourselves to let go of any of our daily niggles, knots, and stress. #ArtOfOiling with Parachute aims to provide rejuvenation with quick and easy to "do it yourself" 10 minutes massage techniques. The vested benefits include- distressed, relaxation, rigor and rejuvenation- All in a Jiffy!

Moses Chundi, the noted massage expert, who mastered this art under the "Guru of Indian Head Massage and Founder of London Center of Champissage", the late Mr. Narendra Mehta, had developed his own signature line of DIY massages and demonstrated the same with the gorgeous Ms. Fakhri for the Parachute Advanced Knowledge Center.

Moses is not just passionate about this therapy but apparently, he endorses the #ArtOfOiling so much that he oils his hair every day. 

They spoke out and demonstrated techniques like-
  • Tapotement- A technique from the "Art of Instant Energy" that invigorates and boosts energy levels.
  • Slow Pinch and Release- From the "Art of Facial Glow" to increase blood circulation and release facial muscles tensions
  • Thumb Press- From the "Art of Office distressing that helps in loosening up the tightness due to work stress.
  • The Art of Bridal- He spoke about this technique that is a must for all "brides to be". I will post the video and details on another post soon.

As I mentioned, all the bloggers were given a table each with beautifully laid out oiling sets to not just witness the demos but also try it on themselves. The oiling sets consisted of Parachute coconut oil, a bowl, a lovely wooden comb, potpourri, lights some towels and tissues along with strands of Sandalwood. Yup, the expert asked to soak the sandalwood in an oiled bowl and with help of cotton, he demonstrated to apply it all over the scalp and only the scalp.

Hair Fact by Haute Kutir: When you oil your hair, you need to oil your scalp alone with the help of a cotton ball. Avoid oiling strands unless it is really necessary.

Post the session, there was a video booth and selfie booth for the photo/video enthusiast. Nargis was a great sport throughout the event and unlike other "ivory tower" celebs, she was more engaging, responsive and collaborative.

The event was followed by photobombing sessions, "paint your own graffiti" and dinner. The lovely PR handed each blogger a lovely cane box consisting of Oils from the parachute and a beautiful oil lamp by Bombay Store.

The parachute had also flown bloggers from Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune. I met two lovely bloggers Tanya and Pallavi from along with other blogger friends like Dollie From Indian Shringar, Bhumika, and Vipra.

Overall the #ArtOfOiling was a fulfilling experience. Thanks to my Grandma, I was aware of most of those techniques taught there. In fact, for me, it was like self-reassurance on my long-standing belief of oiling hair and the technique too. 

Here are more pictures from the event-

Event: Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre's Art of Oiling with Nargis Fakhri and Moses Chundi


Thank you Team Parachute. 

Happy #ArtOfOiling

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  1. If you're looking for a venue for a small NYC events (50 guests), you may want to stop by and check it out. Their staff is very friendly and the food is great.


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