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Home is where heart is. And heart of the home is people who live in and the design. Yes, design is a heart of the structure. No matter how big or small your house is, unless cemented with a good design and accessories, it does not speak for itself, neither for the people who live in. SO as to to say the at the heart of a home is, it's design and at the heart of a design is- Porcelanosa.

Recently when 24kliving asked me to pick as many items that I want from Porcelanosa website, I could not stop going gaga over range of products and design over there. From floors to walls to designer wash rooms, Porcelanosa has everything that you wanted, dream and envisaged for your home. Don't know what I am talking? Well you must check the site for self to believe. 

Porcelanosa and my house

I love doing my house and my husband echoes my passion. However, I have been working at different lengths and breadth of India, and so I am staying in a rented house. There's a lot of things that you cannot do in your rented house. So we do them at my in-laws house in MP. And there's a lot of things that you can still do at your rented house, that I am already doing up picking up furniture etc. Do stay to my blog for more updates on that.

After hours of surfing and dilly-dallying [read confusion to pick one from almost all the best designs] Here's  few of my preferred [finally] items that I picked from there and wanted to highlight on Haute Kutir. Let's have Dekko-

1) The Anti Slip Tiles from Porcelanosa- We are re-doing the tiles for my in-laws house and given their senior age and mobility, I loved this anti slip tiles in wood finish. It will not just add a new look to the whole house along with comfort factor, it seems to be easy to clean and maintain as well. A perfect flooring for the drawing room and the bath areas. Another best part is, unlike other anti slip tiles, I am told this one does not "fade away" with cleaning agents. Ain't that a good investment?

2) Wardrobes and chests of drawers by Gamadecor- I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it. I can see my husband smiling as he is the one most baffled with the way I treat my room [s] while getting ready. I have a tendency to change more than twice, throwing cloths and accessories around, messing the cupboard while dressing up or getting ready. I always need an exclusive space for self and do not like storing wardrobes or mutiple chest in my bed room. Now I have a spare room at my rented 2BHK [such a luxury in Mumbai after palatial houses of Hyderabad, Kolkata and Gurgaon] which I use as "dressing room" and a design like this would transform that into "one stop" destination for all my "getting ready" needs. Girls out there know what I mean :)


3) Krion® Ras collection with new washbasins and bathroom units- Isn't this basin looks neat, lovely and comforting? Yes, I loved the super ergonomic design of this bathroom unit that sees outside at greens, making morning a lovely time. I loved this design cause it is not just a clean design but also had the minimalist approach to it, hiding away the waste pipes et all. The open window and pots adds to overall look and elegance. And the Flat, board surface of the wash basin provides ample space to prevent the water running down to floor. 



4) PAR-KER® Ceramic Parquet for walls- I loved the look this ceramic parquet is creating for the study floors and the walls. The material used is highly resistant to wear and tear caused by continuous usage. The surface finish is unaffected by the sun and hence makes a perfect material for my long planned study that I love to frequent on a bright Sunday, taking lot of Vitamin Sun and Shine, without worrying it's impact on my decor.

Montreal Vintage 22 x 90 cm / 14,3 x 90 cm

I love to keep my walls neat and absolutely loved these "Decorative Profiles" by Porcelanosa. The color play between subtle black, grey and white took my heart away and I am totally sold on these trendy wall sets that provide superior finish for any kind of settings. The silhouette is neat and add to the design. I loved the way it blended and I would be happy to use them in my bath room or Kitchen.

Pro-Part LI

5) Kitchen- The Food Blogger and Foodie in me absolutely loved this trendy kitchen design in black and white. The design looks accommodation enough with ample storage space and also space for stacking the regularly used kitchen appliances. The wide counter top, cooking area, large capacity drawers with oak finish and above all the unit with audio video area made me go go weak on knees for this design. I specially loved the "orange angle" into the whole decor.




Well this is among the top few in my wish list as of now. Do go through the website and let me know about the items that you may have liked. I would be happy to hear from you. Also, for those who are wondering if Porcelanosa is accessible for Indian consumers, good news is this Spanish Lifestyle venture has joined hands with Kotle-Patil Developers to make a Foray in Asia for their luxury brand 24KLiving

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