Food Tips: How to Prevent Pasta from Sticking

I am a known Pastafarian and I love my Pasta. Contrary to popular availability, I love my Pasta Al-Dante. So when I avoid eating a highly gooey-mushy pasta at dinner outside, I take all precautions to avoid making my pasta a way too soft while cooking at home.

I believe a lot of you too wouldn't want that. So for people who love to eat Pasta and also cook at home but always wonder how to stop making it sticky, here's "self-proclaimed foodie" Haute Kutir brings some tips upon her apron sleeves for you.

How to Prevent Pasta from sticking while cooking-
They say- well begun is a job half well done. So keeping the beginning in the mind here are some tips that we use, and you can use too while boiling/cooking your pasta-

1) Take a nonstick pot and boil the water before adding Pasta to it
2) Add 1/2 a spoon of oil [pref Olive] while boiling the Pasta
3) Do not over boil the pasta or keep it too long out from pot post boiling in open
4) Strange as it may sound, place a spoon in the boiling pot while boiling the pasta

Someone told me about using nonstick spray before boiling the pasta. However, since I have never tried it, I am not sure how well it works or how healthy it could be.

The above tips hold good for all kinds of Pasta- Penne, Ribbon and even Fettuccine as well. 

If you have any other tips to share, do let us know. Till such time- Happy Feasting, Happy pasta eating!

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