Review of Khadi Mixed Fruit Soap

We all have heard about the brand Khadi and wide range of products it offers in beauty, Spa and Toiletry range, from Soaps to Oils to Body Lotion to Hair Cleansing products.

When I first used Khadi's coconut soap with glycerin and the Neem soap, I have taken to the fancy of Khadi and wanted to try all other variants. Hence using Flipkart, I ordered few more variants. One being, the tempting and gorgeous looking Mixed fruits soap.

I didn't bat a eye lid and ordered 2 of them in one of my latest flipkart haul where I ordered other Khadi soaps and nail paint remover among other products. The fact tat I ordered 2 Khadi Mixed fruit soap and flipkart delivered just one and the second one was Rose water based variant, made me little upset on the online e-commerce giant's order mishandling. I comforted myself that since Rose water is my all time favorite variant in all beauty products and there's always next time I can order more pieces of "Mixed fruit". Anyways, time to use and review. Well, read more to know more

I could not wait for trying it out and unwrapped the big bar and diligently placed in my shower soap dish. Here's my review of the product, let us first begin with what I did not liked -
What I did not liked about this soap-
  1. The soap is very rough in texture baring the unevenly placed pieces of colored bars
  2. The white base of soap has a chalk like feeling and ends up drying your hands
  3. The soap has mildly fragrances and unlike the other Khadi soaps wherein the entire shower area is filled with sensuous smell of the soap, this one goes totally unnoticed
  4. The soap did not nothing good to my skin rather than making it dry
What I liked about the soap-
  1. None that I think of except the fruity part of it

Haute Kutir Verdict: The soap priced at Rs 60 is not worthy the prize and hype. The soap is harsh to touch and it's usage leaves skin dry and broken with blisters on face. Do not use on face. I am very happy that Flipkart goofed up wit my order and instead of sending 2 mixed fruit variant of Khadi soaps, it sent only one.

Will I buy it again- No
Do I recommend this to anyone? NO! Unless they want to wash cloths

My overall rating: 1.5/5


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