First Hand Experience and Review of MyGlamm Bespoke Beauty Services at Mumbai

I love getting pampered and indulging in beauty treatments. However, going to salon has become quite time-consuming and impersonal. Given the hectic work schedule, every time I plan to visit a salon, I end up canceling it and looking for a reliable beautician who can visit me at home.

Off late, I have called a lot of freelance beauticians who does beauty services at doorstep. however, they come with concerns like-

1) Non hygienic appearances
2) Unkempt Sub standard products
3) Messy way of work [ you boil water for them, get them wash cloth, towel etc]
4) Leaving behind a dirty ambiance

The above factors always demotivated me from calling random beauticians at home. However, given my need and schedule, I still would prefer someone coming home for basic services like threading, waxing etc and, also for SPA.

Why MyGlamm Beauty Services
I love going to SPA but the fear of changing at the unknown locations, scares me, my vanity off. I am too much in  SPA and love to have it at home, as you get the massage at the comfort and privacy of your home and can relax better post the session [read bath at a delayed time or take a nap]. Also, having lived in city of Joy Kolkata wherein you get good masseur didis who will do a good, full hour massage at mere Rs 50 to Rs 100 maximum per session, spoils your choices.

I was having severe body ache and had planned for a SPA from quite sometime. I had visited Four Fountain in Mumbai and as I was contemplating to ring them again, I heard from MyGlamm.

What is MyGlamm- MyGlamm is a bespoke beauty service at your doorstep, which aims to pamper you with on-demand hair, beauty and grooming services by expert artists from the industry at your convenience. For the first time in India, an incubator that helps artists to connect with potential clients is specially designed at the MyGlamm studio.MyGlamm aims to provides the best beauty services at the consumer’s doorstep. Team MyGlamm is an eclectic mix of operations + technology | education + domain expertise | youth + experience. Comprising IITians, MBAs from leading business schools, such as Kellogg, ESADE and industry experience with all leading salons and spas, such as L’Occitane, Warren Tricomi, Lakme, Quikr, BBlunt, Rediff, Jean Claude Biguine and a lot more, Team MyGLamm has set out to revolutionize the beauty industry in India, with technology as an enabler.

Here's the detailed scope of services they offer along with rate card for your perusal-

Read more at their website: or Call 1 800 3000 4526 to order a MyGlamm service.

My Experience with MyGlamm
Though I wanted to go for a head to toe pampering but given the body pain, I settled for home SPA. Also, when I select a SPA service, the first factor that adds to my decision making is- If it is a cross service or not. I avoid taking spa from the salons that offers cross services. Thankfully for me, MyGlamm did not boasted of a cross service and that made me respect them.

Second thing that I liked was the promptness of service and response. The operations team called me just a day before my appointment to confirm the same along with time. They gave me liberty to select the timings of the SPA and took my address for further confirmation. 

I have taken full body spa, deep tissue with varying pressure.

At the scheduled day and time, the salon lady duly arrived at my home carrying a neat bag which included all the necessary linen and products that she required for the service including a mandatory threading kit [just in case a client ask for it]. She promptly asked me for my preferred location for spa and without much ado started the service post my go ahead.

The massage lasted for an hour and in between, she kept on checking for pressure level. The pressure was quite minimal and  the process was quite gentle and considerate. However, given the strong aroma of oil, I had developed a severe headache and wondered if head massage is also included in it. Apparently, the lady understood mt requirement and asked if I would need a hair massage which I promptly agreed.

Post the session, she promptly packed all the disposable sheets and piece of clothing that she carried in a plastic bag for disposal and took leave.

What I liked about the MyGlamm Service that I took-
1) Prompt Scheduling and confirmation, at least a day before service
2) Professional outlook
3) Neat and clean staff
4) Staff bringing the essential disposable stuff and disposing them off promptly

Well that was the good part. Unfortunately, there was few things that I did not like as much and feel they effected the overall experience. They were-

1) Massage was very regular and basic and, not up to the mark. It was less of Spa and more of massage at home by local masseur. Nothing luxurious about it.
2) Inappropriate oil used- The team said that they will be using oil from Forrest essential but the masseur carried some strong-smelling Jasmine oil in normal bottles. While I agree, it may be supply from the bulk bottle but the oil was so strong that I was left with bad headache for next 2 days.
3)  Price- Service non parity- I found it rather inexpensive as compared to home services and even in salon services.

Overall Experience: While the team has taken good care of operational and other aspect. I was not too happy with the massage. I did felt a little relieved during the massage but towards the end of it, I was left with severe headache. You call it choice of oil or whatever, at the price given, I expected something better. Except for the fact that salon personnel [who was quite cooperative, unassuming and friendly] carried some disposable stuff, there wasn't any thing that could have separated the concept from ordinary to superlative.

The oil when applied was quite thick but it absorbed within 30 minutes of massage. Normally a good oil, given that kind of quantity applied takes a lot of time to clear off. I would not have mind if the lady would have given me hot towel therapy which aides to body spa.

Haute Kutir Verdict- I loved the overall concept, operations and experience thus far. However, the spa as service did not work for me. I would definitely like to experience other services from MyGlamm to form my opinion and SPA may not be one of them though.  I will share more features about MyGlamm and further experience next time, hoping that my next service will be better.. Till then, go ahead and give it a try.

Do not forget to share your views with us.

Haute Kutir

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