Dabur Vatika #FrizzFreeHair with Indibloggers

Frizz is a hair condition when hair form into a mass of small, tight curls

Freeze is to harden into or be hardened into a solid by loss of heat

So when Indiblogger in association with Dabur Vatika, invited the female bloggers of Mumbai for a bright #FrizzFreeHair session, they had both- Frizz and Freeze in mind, to tackle towards freedom!

The invite read- Unlock the solution to Frizz Free hair, and the agenda spelt Registration followed by IndiBlogger Band, to 30 seconds of fame.

The product demo along with Frizz remedies was to be followed before you say- I'm hungry. But trust me, when I walked into the venue, with India and Playing, soon after their first performance ended, I shouted- I am hungry. Voila! They played some more numbers.

We need no Education meet
Surprisingly, when their last song ended which was - we need no education, we were joined by a big group of MBA FY students from NM College, including a male blogger friend- Rafaa.

The music got louder and we couldn't stop ourselves gyrating to same. Little did we realised that the session coming next is gonna be even louder, entertaining and fun.

There is one thing that I like about Indi is that they do not outsource their fun. In fact, they have their own home-grown Emcee who doesn't stop entertaining you event after event, be it Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. Yeah! I am talking about the effervescent Anoop who is just the too much fun and entertainment ever since my first ever Indi meet.

Anoop, took the session by storm even if it was 30 seconds of fame or finding the "self-appointed weird blogger" or conducting Rock, paper, scissors game sans Spock.

The Launch
Team Vatika talked about hair, hair in Indian Movies, frizz, what causes hair frizz and more in simple and concise session. The launch was smooth, dramatic and quite appealing with the hall fragrant with Jasmine fresheners while a big human size bottle of New Vatika Jasmine emerged from the stage. 

Frizz Remedies
While the brand did showcase its solution for Frizz Free hair, Indiblogger team went ahead and asked the beauty bloggers about the different home-made tips they can share on controlling frizz. Some said eat Also, some suggested homemade shampoo, given my personal experience I rooted for my favourites- Hot towel therapy and Good diet.I guess it worked too as I recently heard from a co-blogger who was amused by my diet thingy and asked me further details about it, had gone for a blood check up to find her Vitamin D low. She has actively concentrated on Vitamin based food including multi Vitamin capsules and could vouch for the difference.

Whoa! Indiblogger you always makes us happy and hungry. Yeah the hungry us were treated with a delectable vegetarian delicatessen at BJ hall. And the IndiHospitality does not end there, for they have organised a hair camp where bloggers were getting to try the new Vatika Jasmine Oil along with a head wash and hair style session. Man! the woman loves getting pampered and rushed to the kiosk.

Indiblogger events- fun, laughter and good networking. Check this out-

After seeing my pictures from the event, I'm contemplating to open a laughter club soon. What say?

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