This Diwali Create Magic and Smiles with McCain

Athithi Devo Bhava

It's Festival time and our house is filled with discussions on what to make for Diwali especially for the visiting guests and family members. With every new arrival, a new challenge is thrown. What to serve to our guests?As the festival season is onset, everyone is eating Sweets and Samosas and, all those usual stuff, and grown quite off of them.

We were still wondering as to how to innovate and bring forth a new twist to usual snacks and savories in given time period. Something that is -
  • Kind of standardized
  • Doesn't take much time cooking
  • Looks good to serve
  • Traditional yet contemporary
  • Liked by Guests- Young, old, kids alike

They say no, when you want to do something for others, universe helps you in finding a way, we call it creating magic. McCain ka Magic!

I stumbled upon this video from McCain and this has got me thinking.

Eureka! I have decoded the secret to spread a smile across the face, and that too in healthier and tastier way

Eureka Food with McCain
Time to put a smile on that face and many other faces. And smiles are doubled when shared. So this Diwali, we have chosen McCain Smileys as our smiling partner. It is time to create magic

So what did we do? We did a pilot cooking for Diwali savories with McCain. We took some greens, cheese, hung curd, sour cream, Ketchup, olives, onions, herbs, dry fruits, chocolate sauce, fruit cubes and more to create our own special McCain Canapes.

It is time to create Magic.

McCain Healthy Indulgences
To make this you would need-

McCain smileys
Hung curd
Iceberg Lettuce or Rocket Leaf
Grated Carrot and apple
Black-Pimento Olives
Chat Masala

How to make-

  • Take the McCain Smileys from the freezer and bring them to room temperature.
  • Now grease an oven plate and place the McCain and bake on 180 degrees till it is well cooked.
  • Take a tray and place a rocket leave or Iceberg Lettuce on it
  • Transfer the baked McCain to a tray atop the green
  • With help of a piping bag, squeeze hung curd at the centre of smileys.
  • Time to dress it up. Sprinkle some Grated Carrots and Apple on it, add grated cheese
  • Slice the Olive in two parts and place it atop at the centre of smiley
  • Sprinkle Chat Masala on it as finishing touch
Voila your healthy and tasty McCain Healthy Rocket Indulgence is ready. Make this for your guests and we guarantee you that you gonna have house full and plate empty day.

Trust us on this, for you will soon be popular among your guests including the diet conscious and taste conscious junta who are just tired of eating same old sweets and savouries in Diwali.

At Haute Kutir we aim to bring happiness and smile. Cause sharing is caring. So do share your McCain experiences with us and we would love to showcase them on the blog.

Pictures? Come home on Diwali and we would be happy to host you with love, festivity and McCain Magic.


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