Five Dorothy Perkin Outfits you can't resist Shopping

Last year I told you how much am I in love with Dorothy Perkins, the clothing brand. The cuts, the silhouettes and the styles never cease to impress me and go drooling.I love the brand so much that when Jabong emailed me about the current 60% of on their labels, the first thing that I checked was Dorothy Perkins.

 A lot of you have written to us asking for some cool fashion trends and option to buy from. So for all of you lovely people out, here are 5 outfits that I found absolutely fab and must to have. Check it out-

1) The Brown A-line Skirt

We loved the multi-color zig-zag print that accentuates the overall look of the skirt and makes it ah so wearable with different colored tops. The best way to pair it is with a short, plain top of any color of your choice. This trendy and smart skirt is made of stretchable Viscose Spandex. 

We absolutely loved the cool colour play of blue and hues in this cotton spandex dress. It is ideal for brunch, parties and hanging around. Oh yes, you can wear it on your day date as well. The best way to style this dress is in bare essentials like white heels, a chic bracelet, and a neckpiece. 

After the blue, it is time for another favorite color- Orange. Orange is one color that adds necessary warmth and vibrancy to your dressing and styling. The best way to wear Orange is to neutralize it with soft colors like white and denim. 

Let me confess that I am such a fan of white and black that a lot of my outfits are either pure white, pure black or the mix of both. The upcoming season is all about colors and finding a good outfit in a warm color like Orange is hard to find. This top fits the bill to the T and is planning to buy this one to pair with my white jeans and ear danglers.

4) Blue Print Dress
I am an impulsive buyer who is not up to shop for hours. The dress or the garment had to really win my attention in the first look. Strangely enough, whatever I like is if not white or black & White, is blue these days. And given the royal and charming proposition that color blue throws in for you, blue outfits are piece de irresistible. To top of that, if it has floral prints, it will sure to enchant you. Something like this dress-

This floral print chic dress made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, is a stylish pick for urban women. It is those types of dress that you cannot go wrong with. Go ahead and pick one for your wardrobe. Style it with your hair kept open and interesting pump shoes.

We talked about Skirts, tops, and dresses. Next in line is a piece of clothing that can make any of your regular dress interesting if paired well. We are talking about Shrugs. This multi printed shrug is a wonderful piece of cloth that you can pair with any of your solid color trouser, skirt or denim and it makes for a great casual look. 

The shrug is elite and comfortable. I loved the quirky prints on it and will love to pair it with my usual trousers.

Well, that was our quick 5 choices from Dorothy Perkins. Do let us know your favorite from the list.

Fashionably Yours,
Haute Kutir
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