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Lifestyle and Eating Habits

“Busy life, ever busy schedules and this instant food culture is not taking us anywhere”. As I complained to my husband while taking the elevator, he gave a sheepish smile and offer to take stairs instead.
We were going out for dinner at a famous Punjabi restaurant with friends. Punjabi dinner means loads of ghee, butter and that heavenly oops sugary dessert. My resolution to have just soup and salad went down the Paneer Tikka, Rajma, Biryani and two cups of firni drain. I gave the restaurant a zomato rating of 4 and my eating habits, a minus 40.
And this is not a one-time instance but a repeat offense that needs some corrective, healthy action.

Health focus, Biwi’s Resolution to eat Natural

Day 1: Sunny Side Up: I woke up next morning with a strict resolution to make some healthy salad for Mister’s breakfast and lunchbox. He chose Eggs over Muesli and the salad box came unopened. “I got into an urgent meeting and totally forgot about it” explained my mister who admonishes me for not giving enough fruits for the meal but always chose eggs with sunny side up over oats for his breakfast.
Day 2: Bowl Bowl Dekko- Notwithstanding my resolution for giving in to schedule, I made a bowl of fresh fruits with dry nuts along his breakfast. A sudden call from his driver hurried him up, leaving my fruit bowl high and dry. I packed the bowl in zip pouch so he can eat on his way and gave him.

Day 3: Juice it up- I took out all the fancy fruit, chopped them up and put inside my mixer and churned. It was a messy affair with sieve while trying to match the consistency of different fruits and veggies. Hmph! took efforts, time and a colourful blotch on the white apron but husband has his dose of a bowl of juice out from a whole basket of fruits.

Day 4: Mein Tera Maharaja, Whiteline- I unpacked my new Maharaja Whiteline Ultimate Juicer, Mixer and Grinder in a bid to make some healthy juices without straining too hard. It comes with a juicer jar and feeder tube that helps you churns any fruit or veggie in a second to fine, meshed juice. At first, I was not so sure so I took out a carrot and put it inside. Swoosh and oops, it graded into finest shred separated tub with juice filling up the Carafe. I put inside a beet, Indian gooseberry, and swoosh, it is done!


Quick, Easy and Fuss Free!
It is not magic but Maharaja Ultimate that has 500w power motor with a warranty of 5 years. Other specs- a full apple feeder tube, super sharp blades [be careful] 230V and 50Hz frequency.

Additionally, this comes with 3 jars including a chutney jar that grinds my “idli podi” into finest powder in one click!

I loved the multi-purpose tool and ever since it has become a dear part of my Kitchen. The Red Silver colour oozes beauty against my beige-grey tiled walls. The only thing I didn’t like is the space it takes in my little, open Mumbai Kitchen and the light plastic used. Performance wise, it is a hulk in Red though.

Now every day is not “just a juice” day but Maharaja Whiteline day!
Haute Kutir Rating: 3/5

Juice up your life with,
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