Review of Truefitt and Hill London, Royal Barbershop for Male Grooming in Andheri Lokhandwala

The metrosexual male is gearing up to grooming needs and getting demanding by the square. It is a good sign that is getting well echoed by global brands who reify this lifestyle demands in more structured space. Truefitt and Hill, london is one such iconic brand to reckon in this space.

Mumbai Men are gushing like never before. Afterall, world's oldest luxurious barbershop is expanding its services in the city Heartland. TrueFitt and Hill, with its impeccable lineage and exquisite services, had carved a niche for self, across the globe. Established in 1805, this British Barber Shop stepped Mumbai in May 2014 and had recently opened its 5th shop in Andheri Lokhandwala Boomlet.

Fans of King George 3, Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra, you have a reason to rejoice as can emulate your hairstyle through the same brand which styled your idols. Trufitt and Hill, even caters to the Royal Family of Britain. You can read more about the brand at their website. We are here to entail you a little more about this new male luxury address in town through an experiential haircut service we had. Get ready, chin up and belts off!

Truefitt and Hill- The Ultimate Luxury Now at Andheri Lokhandwala

Fancy a new haircut? Well, top it up with a royal extravaganza and bastion of classic style. Step in, get seated while the professional barber indulges you in a hair enticing grooming sojourn.

Experiential Royale and The Review
Haute Kutir had always promised its readers to bring the select and the best even if that implies fewer features. Our promise took us to this swanky, regal style barbershop, newly opened in Andheri, Lokhandwala. Here's a dekko-

What: Royal Haircut
Where: Truefitt and Hill, Andheri
Service Cost: Rs 2000
Establishment Type: Barbershop, Male only

We booked an appointment on the 1st day of 2016. The appointment was duly designated with telephonic confirmation followed by SMS and a reminder phone call from the barbershop staff. The barbershop is located right in the hub of Lokhandwala [close to our place], providing a good option for the different high profile business and celebrity residents in the vicinity.

The barbershop manager directed us to the designated barber. Yes, Truefit and Hill is not a salon but a barbershop. It doesn't have Stylists but Barbers who are trained rigorously to give you best in class service.

The store: This classy store is built over 465 sq ft yard with a mahogany wood interior creating an effervescent contrast with the chic blue wallpaper. It is equipped with two grooming stations with tall mirrors and an uber-comfortable, ultra luxurious chair.The premise was every inch a masculine province, decked with finesse at every corner. From the outstanding Blue door to tastefully done interiors to well-arranged tools to formally clad barbers, the barbershop was every inch a luxury and a great aspiration for males who take their grooming serious and suave.

Here are some pictures from the barbershop-

The Service: The Royal hair cut was an elaborate hair grooming session which started with Hair Wash, style detailing, haircut, trimming, head massage, hair wash and blow dry setting. The products so used were the in-house T&H brand including their famous C-A-R oil. The service duration was around 45 minutes wherein the client is made to sit in a comfortable leather chair, with a Jeeves-like barber tending to his hair. Bliss! and no Ballyhoo!

Barber Dinesh starts by creating a feel good factor. Barber Dinesh trimming Mayank's hair in the way Mayank wanted, maintaining his usual cut. Mayank is GM Reliance Power who is very particular about his academic/corporate haircut that involves no frills attached styling and, is highly brand conscious. We are grateful to Mayank for his time and allowing us to use his pictures.

Post the haircut, the barber showing the client a glimpse of his trimmed hair for approval or further modification.

The Final look.

The Products Used

Haute Kutir Verdict: The experience was good and worth its salt. Truefitt and Hill is worth trying out and if you liked the services, they offer a unique membership plan too. Our first experience was good and basis that we do recommend a service visit.

Haute Kutir Rating: 4.5/5

A small note of appreciation before we signed off. So, next time when you think about male grooming, haircut or even a shave, do step into Truefitt & Hill. The experience is worth the money, your time and your hair.

After all, why should women have all the fun?

Go Vroom, Go Groom
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