Review of New Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Essential

What would be your first recall when I say- Better Dryness and 1000 suction holes? Even better, if I also add to it- Your white remains more white?

Before you throw that second bout of the furtive glance or sensationalize me, let me tell you that I am talking about Sanitary Napkins. Phew!

I have written about the Whisper blog event with actress Kalki Koechlin, Gynaecologist Dr. Palshetkar and Whisper R&D Head Chetan. Click here to read it-

Living up the promise to come back and tell you the feature of new Whisper with a personal review, am here to share our experience too.

Whisper Ultra is an undoubtedly, most preferred sanitary pad for every woman across the country. Learning about improving the best, certainly buzz you with excitement and hope. And in one of the two rarest occurrences, you actually wait for your next cycle to come to try it out ;)

Review of Whisper Ultra lean

What: New Whisper Ultra
Why Sanitary Napkins- In my journey fo life, I have met [still] few people who debate, discount the usage of a sanitary napkin, crushing it under the pile of traditional menstrual clothing and sickening myths. Hoping that some of them read this post, I want to convey that a sanitary pad is an integral part of a girls' life and utmost important for the menstrual cycle.

What sets the New Whisper Ultra Apart from its existing Namesake?

According to the brand:
  1. Five times more protection than ordinary pads
  2. Better absorption and lasts longer  
  3. Softer Top cover for more comfort
  4. Faster absorption for sudden heavy flow
  5. Odour lock

Haute Kutir Review: Whisper is the regular brand in my toilet bag. I have been using the brand since time innuendo that even when I was packing my bags for my Goa trip [#HauteKutirInGoa] I placed my bet on new Whisper Ultra even without having used it earlier. It was a much-coveted trip wherein I wanted to go absolutely wild on a vagabond. We have made a list of different North Goa beaches that we want to frequent. And on my wayfarer trip, last thing I wanted was a messy sanitary napkin and red stains. Thankfully the new Whisper ultra did not let me down at all. Did it live it promise so well?  Let's see-

Yes, It provided higher protection than its previous version.

Yes, it had better absorption and it did last longer especially when we spent the entire day in a beach without having a proper place to change. It still lasted that long

And one of the best things was- the new improved cover was softer than before, preventing any skin rashes for the period.

So if you are still wondering whether to choose New Whisper or not, all I will say is- You Go Girl!

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