Forever Valentine with Oriflame #SoFever Fantastico EDP Range for Him & Her

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistably desired
Robert Frost

Love is irresistible and falling in love is tempestuous, passionate and once again irresistible. Very few can resist the sweet charm of love and its calling. It is like musk that encompasses everything under its spell without an antidote. Well, who would want to break out from the spell of love either, Not we at least.

Love is a fever that lingers on like the new EDP by Swiss Cosmetics Oriflame.

Oriflame So Fever for Him & Her
To commemorate the sweet feeling of love with the onset of valentine to whole year through, Oriflame has launched yet another EDP by the label- So Fever.

So Fever is a made for couples, special EDP and EDT launched in 2016 in India. It comes in two variant-

1) So Fever Her [Feminine]
2) So Fever Him [Masculine]

Before we proceed, we want to thank all of you for loving our previous EDP Reviews and messaging us enquiring about other EDPs. We are overwhelmed with your responses and promise to bring more Perfume reviews and features on Haute Kutir.

Your love and the mystical range of Oriflame products have inspired us to go ahead and try this Fantastico new range. Fantastico is Spanish for "Fantastic" and we loved this concept plus the varied notes so much that it is no exaggeration to call this range a Fantastico range that doubles up as a great gifting choice as well. We are happy to showcase this new range of EDPs for the couples and we know a lot of you who were looking for a special option to gift your spouse or friends, will love this. Will this make to your gifting list and collection or no? Well read on to find out...

Oriflame So Fever 

1) So Fever Her [Feminine]- EDP- 50 ML - MRP 1499

It is a playfully "provocative" Oriental Vanillic Woody fragrance that seems to be filled with heat and passion. It is an exotic scent that dresses the skin with fiery Ginger flower, perfect for pushing the boundaries of sexiness. The fragrance is created by perfumer Vincent Schaller

Fragrance notes
Base Notes: Licorice, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Heart Notes: Ginger Flower
Top Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Red Pepper

2) So Fever Him [Masculine]- EDT- 75 ML - MRP 1499

An irresistible hot Oriental woody scent that exudes magnetic masculinity from every note. The aromatic Ginger wood leaves an intoxicating, intense fragrance that lasts for hours.

Fragrance notes
Base Notes: Gingerwood, Patchouli, Vanilla
Heart Notes: Geranium Bourbon, Incense, Orange Blossom
Top Notes: Marine Accord, Pimento Piri Piri, Orange
The fragrance is created by perfumer Christiane Plos

Haute Kutir Experience: The fragrances were indeed intense, strong and had a sense of heat. The "Him" range with Bourbon and Piri-Piri makes it fiery, intense and strong. While the EDT is more spicy and warm, the EDP is more about sweet, soft spicy and woody notes. 

What we loved about it
1) The fragrance notes
2) Lovely bottles
3) Long stay [upto 5 hours]
4) The subtle contrasting notes
5) The sexy, provocative Valentine Focussed ads by Oriflame

What we did not love as much
1) The not so attractive packaging in red and brown

Our Rating: 4/5

It is time to take control, test your passion and give your fantasies the ecstasy of good fragrance. The "So fever" is on a rise. Take a plunge, take that joy ride.

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Like a musk, Linger on
Haute Kutir


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