OPPO F1 V/s Samsung A8- which is a better camera phone and why?

What is a Lifestyle blog without pictures? 
I am a lifestyle blogger who loves to click. My fascination with photography goes long back to my childhood and it is in our genes to love and appreciate good photography. Given the rise of digital camera revolution, followed by the mobile camera, our love for photography had only increased and become ambitious by the day and upgraded by the night mode. Notwithstanding my love for DSLR, I find carrying DSLR a cumbersome idea, and often inaccessible too. Besides, I do not see a point in using a DSLR to shoot on "auto" mode. Do you?

Hence, I prefer to invest in good cameraphone with different modes and rich features to take shots. After the words, a camera is a blogger's biggest armor, a co-conspirator in storytelling. Our preference to keep it short, slim, simple, accessible and handy brings us close to "camera phone". Who says stories are only meant to be in "black and white"? Stories like different facets of life need different filters including colorful, vivid, self-explanatory and animated too.

We need quality of HDR, DSLR with a point and shoot convenience and smartphone accessibility.

So if you are not too fixated on showing your uppity/ego/hi-profile by spending 50,000 INR or loves only the DSLR or attach your self-worth to a specific brand, read on.

The OPPO F1 Camera Phone
Recently I blogged about unboxing and exploring the new OPPO F1 camera phone. I am still exploring the phone and like it so far. And when OPPO Mobile India asked me about my feedback, including if I find this phone better than Samsung A8, I had to compare.

OPPO F1 Camera v/s Samsung A8 Camera
The Internet is inundated with tech comparisons and Gadget Gurus to help you run through best smartphone and their features. While I can do so including what more should you see beyond tech specs, networks and more, I had preferred to compare apple with apple..oops in this case OPPO Camera with Samsung A8 Camera.

Here's what we found-

Samsung A8 had a slimmer form factor, bigger screen and better resolution over OPPO F1. However, when it comes to better Camera Utility, OPPO F1 takes the cakes. It gives higher MP in front Camera with the variety of shooting modes for a user to play with. If you further explore, it gives you pictures in a .RAW format too that you can use to further edit picture using professional intervention if you want

Pic source: credit- mobilephonecollection.com

So OPPO Ate [a8] the A8 in terms of features, pricing et all. If you want to spend additional INR 10k for A8, is a choice you need to exercise.

Can you suggest which picture is from OPPO F1 and which one is from A8?

Conclusion: Storytelling becomes easier and better with pictures. You do not read blogs to go through the text spinner modified words. Likewise, you want your pictures to talk about you. Why pay a hefty sum to break head over editing pictures when you can click a better one? To click, share and edit with simple iteration is a bigger joy of life that makes it easy and fun.

Besides, High lifestyle does not necessarily mean "high price tag". This is a decoy some brands use to play in your need hierarchy and manipulate. Given the dynamic nature of technology, invest in smart options rather than buying an elephant and watch it turn dinosaur. Rather go for moderate spend and buy things that are value for money. OPPO F1 is value for money and looks brilliant too!

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