#BaayaAnnualSales- Go Art Shopping With Baaya Design Studio, Mumbai

India is a melting pot of arts and crafts. During my journey to different parts of the country and my stay there, I have picked up few local arts as memoirs. I love all things handmade, handcrafted or artistically curated. My love for art forms and respect for Indian artisans has taken me to Baaya Design, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Baaya Design Studio is a flagship store by Shibani Jain that houses around 30 types of artistic work, forms and installations, from the length and breadth of the country. Be it Gond art from Madhya Pradesh, Kalamkari from AP, Mata Ni Pachedi from Gujarat, Scroll Painting from Bengal, Baaya has it all. Not just that, Baaya works in hand in hand philosophy of promoting the Indian art and bring forth the lost occupation of artistry. It helps artists to showcase their work to the world and earn remuneration.

After months of contemplation, I visited their store last Tuesday for a slice of art and off course, decor shopping. The best part is that Baaya is already running an in-store Annual Sales with discounts ranging from 10% to 50%.

#Annual Baaya Sales
I was completely lost for good at the Baaya store amongst the intricately carved, rusticly designed, hand-painted artefacts. The glass lamps, the pretty windchimes, the brass figurines, colorful murals and some splendid, good heart, wood furniture, took my heart away.

Here are few pieces, we thought we should show to our readers. Not just that, we have been offered an amazing discount of flat 50% on this beautiful, compact Dwirupa Bar Rack that we love to extend to all of you. Here' a dekko-

Dwirupa is a Sanskrit word symbolizing the balance of opposite forces. It is a mix of two different art forms- Warli and Blue Pottery painting that have been used from 2 different states Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Made with solid Seesham wood, it is sturdy and compact.

Other decors that you may be interested in-

Dwirupa Nesting Table

I so much loved this Salad set from Dwirupa Range

Gond Furniture Range: The MPian in me could not help admiring the Gond designs by the tribal of the same name. Another reason I love this form of art as it is inspired by the verdant forests of Gondwana. 

Black Pottery Collection
Loved this art form from the cultural marvel Manipur. They have a charming range of dining table collection like tea sets, serving sets and more. 

My love for windchimes had found another admirer in my mother and mother in law. Loved these designs-

For those who love to collect brass statutes and artefacts-

The prices may be on higher side for some of the stuff but if you see quality, you may find it worthy. Just check it out.

Well, that is me, yours truly with Baaya' Owner Shibani. Check out this lovely mural at background-

Well, that's not all but an inference to different kind of things that you may find at Baaya Store. Whether it is your home or your office, give it a tinge of tradition. Invest in arts that you may cherish forever.

Visit Baaya today at Raghuvanshi Mill Compound, Mumbai. The sale lasts until 29th February.

PS: It is not sponsored post but our appreciation of all things art, culture and tradition. 

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