Up Your Lifestyle Ante with Asian Paints #StatementFurniture

"Har ghar chupchap se kuch kehta hai
Ki andar isme koun rehta hai"
[Homes reflect about the people that reside in]

This beautiful Asian Paints ad jingle is not mere a jingle but a beautiful expression that succinctly emphasize how our homes speaks volumes about our persona and lifestyle. Our homes are not mere brick and mortar but our world that allows us to be ourself, design and decorate in the way we love and more. It is a throbbing, pulsating source of warmth, beauty and comfort. So when the home does so much for us, why not adorn it with more love, new designs, fine decor and some Statement furniture?

#StatementFurniture with Asian Paints, Bandra
If you ask me, one of my favorite places in Mumbai, after my home, I will clearly say- it is Asian Paint's flagship store in Bandra Hill Road. I first visited it during the Kairali painting workshop with Good Home keeping and Baaya Designs, and have fallen in love with ever since. Why? Well-

1) It is one stop destination for your multiple decor needs and solution
2) Not just solutions, the store is designed in interior vibrancy to give you some regal decor ideas
3) It gives great ideas to now customize your furniture with "color on wood"
4) To welcome Ace Designer SSabyasachi to your home

Visit it to know more! And I am sure you will love it. I did!

I am staying in an Apartment in the heart of Mumbai, Andheri West. When we were selecting apartments to move in, a lot went on the decision. We spent almost 2 months across different lengths and breadth of the city to find that one special abode for self. Not settling for anything less, we finally selected a 2BHK in newly launched Belmonte designed by none other than Architect Hafeez Contractor. We loved the neat work, wooden design, tall glass window walls that open to clear blue skies, even if it meant paying a premium amount. 

It was smaller than my previous house but we kept the design minimal and contemporary. The idea was to make it more liveable and accessible. Our hard work pays when our guests tell us about the positivity/positive vibes they find in our house. I believe #StatementFurniture has a lot to do with it.

We are passionate about our house and wood decor. Our philosophy of "simple living, high thinking and spending for luxury" takes us to different stores in search of buying related furniture and accessories for our house. A lot of time, we love a furniture but have to drop it cause it does not correlate with our existing furniture color either in terms of homogeneity or contrast. Trust me that is very demotivating and tiring.

Apparently, it seems that Asian paints applied some psycho-kinesis with customers like us and read our mind. How? read more to know more ;)

Woodtech Studio by Asian Paints
Asian Paints introduced a range of new technologically advanced products that offer the best wood finishes to the consumers. Other than their perpetual R&D, they have recently tied up with Renner Italia Spa, to bring aboard the high-tech Italian Wood Finishes Products and international expertise to their existing offerings. 

They offer you "personalization and customization" finish to your furniture. You can even transform a simple temple with marble finish or get your wooden furniture a different shade[s] and turn an ordinary piece of furniture to piece de resistance!

To explore more, check out- Asian paints Woodtech Studio Site

Give your furniture a new lease of life with Wood tech Studio
Deepa, from Kulfy, took us through the design, concepts and product range. She took bloggers through Ormacheppu [bag of memories], a design book that caters to recreating the traditional Kerala decor anywhere in the world. They will be soon conceptualizing it for other parts of the country including TN and more, bringing the best from different corners of the country and its design architect.

She also took us through a simple DIY transformation session where you can bring the picture of your furniture and they will help you different design ideas using their range. Try it, it is worth.

Here are few glimpses of their store echoing the wood tech sentiment in design and the session-

Haute Kutir Verdict: With Wood tech, you can customize your home, mix and match using their expert guidance, vivid and beautiful color palates to chose from. You can create and infuse life into your mundane furniture, make them vibrant with colors, make them stylish with a metallic finish, ombre with the color palette, sober and wild too... In fact all at the same time. how? Well, here's a simple example that can add instant change to your decor.

So geeky chic, ever thought that you will have a home decor that will be computer operated? Asian Paint does that for you, painstakingly bringing designs, innovation to meet your expectations and your lifestyle. You need not have to spend a fortune to design and renovate. Every single approach will fill your house with warmth and vibrancy you need. 

With Sabyachi Mukherji design, you have another excuse to throw a house party. Oh, I just did my furniture in yellow and teal, it is a steal, come see :) 

Jazz up your home, Spruce your lifestyle! 

Let Asian Paint Delight,

Haute Kutir

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