What Makes OPPO F1, a Perfect #SelfieExpert Phone - Un-boxing & Review

How to Click a Selfie?

Traditional Way- Take your phone, start your front camera, point and shoot.
Save, Edit on VSCO or photo editing apps, and share.

Circa 2016- Dump your plain vanilla Smartphone, pick up the new OPPO F1, choose your filter, mode, point and Say Cheese!

The New OPPO F1
I was invited for OPPO Evolve 2016 in Mumbai for the launch of their new F series Oppo photography focussed Smartphone. The New OPPO F1 is positioned as the #SelfieExpert phone and marks company’s focus on mobile photography while catering to ever increasing consumer demand in this segment.

To strengthen our understanding and test the brand's claim, here’s the un-boxing and quick review of the new F1 #SelfieExpert Phone, exclusively for Haute-Kutir readers.

Unboxing the New OPPO F1

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Things we loved about it-
1) The form factor [sic]
2) Ease of Operations

From Bajrangi Bhaijan to 1/2 of Hindustan, Selfie is frenzy. Brands are waking up to cater this widely demanded market. The phone too reminded me of the phrase "Pocket Mein Rocket" from Bollywood movie- Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year, starring Ranbir Kapoor. It is not mere an exaggeration, but if you check out the phone you will know why. Here's why we think the new OPPO F1 is truly a "Chal Beta Selfie Le" phone.

What makes OPPO F1, a true "Selfie Le Le Re" Phone

1) The 8-megapixel front camera- The first rule of being #SelfieExpert lies in its megapixels, larger the better. If Asus Zenphone Laser has the 6-megapixel front camera, Oppo F1 goes two steps ahead and has 8 MP camera with wide f/2.0 aperture lens; 1/4inch sensor allowing 44% more light to enter the camera and resulting in shots that are 30% clearer than one taken with regular 5MP camera.

2) Beautify and Front Camera filters - The Beautify 3.0 feature removes blemishes, highlights a subjects' features and include 3 different beautify modes on the level of intensity ranging from high, medium and low. 

The front camera also has 8 amazing filters to shoot your selfie. Normally, a lot of phones, including my Lenovo Vibe X2 do not allow filters on front camera but only on rear camera. No such restriction here and that makes you take your beautiful selfies, effortlessly.

3) Say Cheese to Click- Taking a selfie is not that an easy task. You have to pout, focus better angles, fit friends into the frame and reach out to that click button on phone to capture. Voila, so much stretching for Selfie is injurious for poser's time ;). The New Oppo F1 has the voice click feature that works super smooth. Just enable it and "Say Cheese".

If that is not enough, activate an automatic selfie with an adjustable countdown.

4) GIF- The Graphics Interchange Format is another rage these days. Even Instagram had appended a similar new feature called "boomerang". Using the GIF feature in your F1 phone, you can record your own tiny GIFs in either positive or reverse order. It is simple to record and use. Try it, it is fun!

5) Time Lapse Video- Love fast forwarding any content? Well now you can create your own "fast forward" content using the "Time Lapse" feature which helps you to record any video in 2 times to 10 times faster motion. Sheer fun!

Additionally, the F1 phone comes with 4G VoLTE. So click your pictures, videos, GIFs and share over your LTE [4G] network to anywhere in Globe- Real Time. Even ICC could not resist it and collaborated with OPPO in South Asia.

It is not just about the front selfie camera but even the rear camera with 13 MP ISOCELL Sensor comes plugged with higher features including slow shutter, HDR, Double Exposure and more. 

This high quality, stylish device with heavy-hitting features comes at the featherweight price of Rs 15,990. #MustBuy

Ekta Khetan

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