#DoubtIsOut by Reliance AGIO at Lakme Fashion Week Day 4

Welcome to my Lakme Fashion Week diary where Fashion meets technology, Day 4 Diary. 

We have been talking about the people we met, shows we attended and Outfits we wore. Today, let us talk about the Fashion that breaks the stereotypes, fashion that is about invincible human spirit, Fashion that survived and shattered the myths, and shone throughout. The evergreen Fashion and Style of "being Yourself", above differences, discriminations ,and stereotypes.

Fashion is not just about the clothes we don, or accessories we adorn. Fashion is about that unfathomable human spirit that is a cut above the rest and conquers all. Fashion is about rising above from cliche, doubts and creating a style that generations follow.

Fashion is also an enlightening moment when #DoubtIsOut

#DoubtIsOut by Reliance AGIO.com

How many times were you daunted for issues that should not be an issue in the first place? Issues like your size, gender, age and choices are non-value added to the life but just hover over conscience like a doubt looming over your persona.

Well, they say fashion is the cause and cure of many such difficulties. Irrespective of what you wear, how you carry it is all that matters. Being you is the biggest fashion statement and to echo this, we had 5 different women from different walks of life have come forth to club fashion with technology, telling their #DoubtIsOut story by  not speaking anything but allowing their work speaks for them.

Agio.com, the newly launched online fashion portal by Reliance Industries, took the LFW16 by storm by unveiling its design with Five path breaking show stoppers that unveiled #DoubtIsOut with the choices they made above prejudices they faced.

The five show stoppers were-

1) Transgender Activist Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi emphasizing #GenderNoBar

2) Suman Sharma First Female Fighter Pilot emphasizing #RoleNo Bar

3) Legendary Actor and Danseuse Helen emphasizing #AgeNoBar

4) Comedian Bharti Singh emphasizing #SizeNoBar

5) Adult Film Star and Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone emphasizing #ChoiceNoBar

The ramp was set ablaze with the 5 showstoppers together. You cannot just have enough of them esp Helenji and Picture perfect Sunny Leone.

If you loved their clothes or any design from the runway, head to the agio.com portal using your smartphones #LYFSmartphones and happy shopping. Well, Technology meets Fashion in ways more than one. 

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