How to Eat The New Fruit Blast Jams by Kissan

These days, I am on a fruit diet. My fruit diet includes- Strawberry, Berry and Oranges. Thanks to New Kissan Fruit Blast, I can carry my fruit anywhere and eat whenever and however I want.

If you love Jams and want to inculcate good taste in your daily food, here's a quick guide on eating sweet, tangy fruits every day-

1) Take a deep spoon
2) Bring home a jar of New Kissan Fruit Blast Jams
3) Sit at the calm cool place
4) Open the Jam bottle, dig your spoon deep inside and scoop out
5) Put the Jam scoop in your mouth and savor slowly, pleasurably, greedily!

Nirvana in a Jam bottle
It's sweet, it is tangy and totally, totally addictive. We are talking about the new range of fruit Jams by FMCG brand Kissan that promises to ring one of a kind experience.

The New Kissan "Blast" has a range of 3 exciting fruity flavors viz- Berry Blast, Strawberry Blast & Orange Blast. We got all the 3 variants to try and showcase to our readers.

About Kissan Blast: Kissan blast is a delightful range of jams, delivered by 80 years old rich heritage and the art of Jam -making. The Jams tastes quirky, smooth and differently delicious. Talking more about the flavors-

Strawberry Blast- Made from rich, succulent red strawberries, this one is my favorite. The hint of the crunchy seeds adds to the flavor burst in mouth. I love eating it with a freshly toasted bread or straight from the jar, with a spoon.

Berry Blast: This one is a rare combination of juicy black grapes and ripe, succulent strawberries. The burst of blueberry flavour is a quirky taste that you will love so much, you will surely have quite a blast. Best enjoyed with muffins and pancakes. 

Orange Blast: A little sweet and a little tangy, Kissan Orange Blast is a delight for your palate. Coupled with peels of the real orange fruit, this jam is an irresistible burst of the real fruit flavour. Tastes heavenly with bread, chapati or parathas. Try with sour cream crackers.

Haute Kutir Verdict: The Jams are truly "Fruit ka khatta meetha blast" that you will enjoy with family at large. The Jams comes in slender, seal tight, glass jar packaging of 320 gm. While Berry Blasta nd orange blast are priced at MRP of Rs 99 each, Strawberry Blast comes at the prize of Rs 110 and is totally worth the amount.

Rating 4/5









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