Haute Kutir Explores the New Age Social Media Platform- Affimity

Social Media and Networking
Men is a social animal and need to move in society. However, the new-age Neanderthal man needs society not just to move in but the one that could share his passions, common interest, and zest for life. Men have been continuously looking for societies that could understand his philosophy, attach value and add more to it. The social networks are slowly moving from what has been created to "what has been desired" framework and hence, Affimity comes in picture.

What is Affimity
Affimity is a next-gen social network that helps you meet people who share your passions. Most of the today’s social networks are centered on people you friend or follow, and you are connected to ALL of their thoughts regardless of your interest in the content of most of those thoughts. You cannot just get the posts that you are truly interested in – say fitness or food or football, from the people you are connected to. So, we thought it would be good if we flipped the social model to center on your interests, and connect with people who share those interests. [Source - Brand]

Haute Kutir on Affimity

Whoa! After Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram among other social media network, we are exploring a new Social Media Platform and that is- Affimity.

Yes, Affimity.com with its 35 vast channels and reach across 100+ countries have got us an enticing proposition to go live on it and whoa! We are now on Affimity too.

Here’s a link to our Affimity profile- Haute Kutir on Affimity

This is how our updates will look out to you-

It is simple and neat.

If you are on Afffimity, do follow us today and get access to wonderful blogs that we share across the multiple channels including Fashion, Beauty, Food, travel and more.

If you are yet to register for it, sign up today. You can download it on the phone too as it has created the mobile version for iOs and Android too.

Instant share on other social media-
The sign up is a pretty simple process. just to their website www.affimity.com and you can register using your Facebook profile too

Passion at your fingertips
The next gen of social apps like Affimity is defined by their ease of usage, objectivity, and accessibility. Meeting all the three criteria, Affimity not just bring people with same interest together, at the convenience of your fingertips but also help to engage, explore and exchange. 

Whether it is entertainment, wellness, tech, humor or recently concluded "Make In India" or more, affimity has it all at one common place that will connect you with other people with similar interests across the world. Not just that, if you love sports, it has a wide range of sports aficionado groups starting from cricket to football to more. Now, which network brings so much of benefit at the same place?

Do not waste time thinking but download it today and start networking.

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