Oriflame Beauty SkinPro Facial Cleanser Device Review

Clean Skin Summers and All Season

It is summertime and your skin is under constant threat of sweat, dirt, and grime. Washing it multiple times during the day is a good idea but you need something more than that. No, we do not offer any fancy or expensive ritual that may cost you, your precious time. We are here to suggest a brand new device that is- easy to use and Easy to Maintain. With regular use, it can help you clean your skin at the press of a button. All you need is to give 1 minute of your time every day and we consider that you may not go for expensive facials just cause it is summer.

Oriflame Skin Pro Facial Cleanser

The box contains-
1) The Cleansing device
2) Table Stand
3) Two AA Batteries
4) Travel Pouch
5) One Brush Head [replacable]

How to Use SkinPro Cleansing Device

1) Insert the batteries into the device
2) Take your favorite cleanser and apply across your face
3) Switch it on and use it across your face, rotating in a round circular motion as per the below-mentioned details-

Forehead and Chin: 20 seconds each
Both cheeks: 10 seconds each

Price: Rs 2999/-

Do remember-
1) To keep the device esp the brush at a clean, dry place
2) Clean the brush Post Use
3) Change the Brush after 3 months as advised by brand

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The secret to Beautiful Skin

Clean and well-moisturized skin is better than any makeup, anytime. Cleaning your skin is not just washing your face every day but also means removing all the unnecessary blackheads, whiteheads, and the oily gunk. Getting a facial on a weekly basis is not practical. In such a scenario, this product may come handy.

Haute Kutir Verdict: The concept is simple and easy to use. The device at Rs 2999 is not as expensive as other devices offered in the market. We liked the form factor, size, ease of usage. However, we want to add this product is no substitute for any chronic issues like blackhead or skin discoloration. This ritual should be substantiated with good diet and hydration. The product could have been more versatile like it could have come with 2 or more head that can be used for blackhead removal or scrubbing. Additionally, this could make for a good gifting option. 

I truly believe in the adage- 
"Clean skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is a beautiful skin. "
However, I do not like using products with fancy names, description et all. For me, simple ritual works and this one fits the bill. I hope you will find the review useful. Do gives us thumbs up and follow us on our social media channels. If you have used it, do share your views. If you have not used it yet and have any query, do write to us at hautekutir@gmail.com or at the comment box below.

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  1. So it'll be cleansing and massage as well ..nice

  2. Holla..something that can accentuate your daily beauty regime..Do check it out


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