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A few days back I visited the Advanced Hair Studio that introduced me to a new hair technology called Flashpoint.

I know of Flash, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet and even Flash Gordan, but Flashpoint was totally a new concept to me. Had it not been Advanced Hair Studio, I would have dismissed it thinking another terminology from the stock and trading market.

While English and Chemistry have different meanings to for this word, it thankfully meant something different for the AHS [Advanced Hair Studio] who have worked on a breakthrough technology to make all women and their beautiful manes, look even beautiful, richer and denser without any chemical intervention.

If you were not stalking me on Snapchat or Instagram stories, you missed it live in action. Oh yes, I did my first Instagram Live too there with the lovely Ameesha. Nevertheless, you can watch the trial video on my Youtube and Read ahead...

What is a FlashPoint: It is a chemical free, artificial hair extension technique where you can add additional volume to your hair with Flashpoint extensions.

The beauty is, they are available in different colour shades, suiting your hair colour or in contrast giving you that streaky effect.

What is the Longevity of the Technique?
Well, once the flashpoints are pinned to your hair, you can continue using them as long as you want. However, you need to visit the incorporating salon every month for the maintenance. Why the maintenance? Well, due to normal hair growth, your existing extension can move an inch down and need to be pulled back and clipped.

Can I colour or Style My Hair with Flashpoint?
As per the brand claims you can do all the usual stuff with your hair like washing, styling, blow drying and even colouring, except oiling. Oiling makes them loosen their grip. I have not used the product for more than 30 minutes so it will be difficult for me to tell the pros and cons related to it.

What is Estimated Cost?
The deal is that you need to buy a minimum of 50 extensions for your hair. Each costing Rs 800 + taxes. Roughly saying Rs 40,000 + Taxes.

The cost does not stop there. There is a maintenance fee that you need to pay every month. 

Who can go for it?
Anyone, largely women who want to add additional volume in their hair, making it look denser and style ready. It is a good option to try different hair colours on your hair without damaging them with chemicals.

My Experience at AHS
I was kicked about the idea. I have never used any hair extension as such and wanted to explore. Besides, I wanted to play with colours on my hair and this seemed a good bet. You can check the entire experiential video here-

Given the shortage of time, the team decided to give me 15 extensions. They chose 5 strands of normal black colour and 10 of this beautiful looking blonde coloured, coded as B9. 

The flashpoint process started by sprinkling water on my hair and transposing the strands one by one, using a silicon cylinder. Since the number of strands was less, the process got completed soon. They parted my hair and clipped the strands. This is how it looked like-

They chopped the additional length to match my existing hair length before they could start the styling process.

I was very excited to see what they plan to do. They wanted to give me party hair with curls and a victorian rose. The styling process took quite a lot of time though but I wasn't somehow happy with it as I felt it did not suit me. I never liked tight curls and felt they diluted the entire idea of using extensions. I would have loved if they have given me open, wavy, volumized hair or hair style. The existing one was quite flat and did not match my face or dress that day. Besides, I do not like that kind of hot iron on my hair and felt worried about my hair. 

Unlike a regular product review, wherein you use the product for few days to establish its merits and limitations, I have to return it back immediately. Though the unclipping part was quick too, my hair was left feeling a hot mess. So clearly I did not like it even though I had fun during the process. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: I found the overall idea good and fun to try. However, given the limited preview and ambiguous experience, I could not actually tell you if I liked it or if it is a good investment to make. It appears to be a good technology but is quite expensive and am unsure how will it work in real life, out of salon scenario.

If you are facing hair loss issues, I would rather suggest you try the salon's other solutions wherein they have worked with some global celebs like Jacques Kallis and others to restore their hair. You will see many such brilliant "hair rising" examples on their office walls. Oh yes, they have a courteous staff and wonderful infrastructure, though.

Yay or Nay: Not sure!

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