Five Must Have Accessories for your Car

Your car is an important part of your lifestyle and reflects a lot about your personality. A clean and well-organised car, however, small it is, suggests your hygiene levels and responsible nature. 

Those who love their cars, take the time to keep it clean and well maintained. For more on keeping your car clean and fresh, read- How To Keep Your Car Clean & Fresh

There are people who go a step ahead and get their interiors customised these days. For rest others, there are some bare minimum accessories that are a must-have in their car/s. I have compiled a list of top 5 essentials.

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Here are top 5 essential accessories for your car-

1) Wet Tissue Box
They are must have in your car. You can opt for dry or wet tissue boxes. They are quite handy and do not take much space. 

Places to keep: On your car dashboard or at the back. You can alternatively place it on the interior mirror flap

2) USB Car Charger 2 Port
Everyone carries a smartphone or a laptop and a portable charging is a common need.  Many times, you are either stuck in a traffic jam or need to charge your phone or other devices to stay connected. A universal charge with different pin types is a good idea and you can choose from different options available in the market to ensure your devices stay charged up even when you are travelling.

3) Phone stand 
Talking about smartphones, given the rise in smartphone usage, it will be a good idea to buy a good phone stand for your car. The stand would not just hold your phone but can double up for navigation. Invest in a flexible smartphone holder with a rotating view that can double up as your GPS device. It will help in your day to day routine as well.

4) Air Freshener
Whether you like it or not but given the increasing traffic, you tend to spend a plethora of time in your car. Some of you eat, smoke and even sleep in the car. Sometimes, the food or the smoke leaves a foul odour in your car and makes it difficult to breathe in. Plus the compact atmosphere in the car can be very nauseating. 

I remember travelling by a person who sweated badly in the car, leading to quite a stifles in the air. Thankfully I was carrying a perfume ampule with me and that rescued me from the situation. It is not possible to carry a perfume ampule with you all the times but it is quite practical to keep an air freshener in your car.

5) Car Floor Mats
Rain or poor civic condition can lead to soil shoes and in turn soiled interiors of your car. You cannot prevent people from entering your car, you should not. Rather you can work for a protective solution by using an "all weather car floor mats". They are made of hi-tech rubber and easy to clean. Go for one with good quality and built using the latest technology. I recommend buying something that has good traction and skid resistance surface and also, looks great.

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