Lifestyle Photography with New Nubia Z11 MiniS

A Picture Speaks a 1000 words

If that is not true, Instagram would not become such a popular social media platform across the globe.

It is not just Instagram but there are other photo based popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and more. With the advent of camera enabled smart-phones, photography is a common habit with larger preview. It has become so popular that you will find hundreds of picture editing apps on Android, sprawling every day.

While photography remains one of the most used feature of a smartphone, the focus off-late, has been shifted to videos and stories from the still pictures. I am talking about Snapchat and rising popularity of 15 second stories that has attracted attention of social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter extra, that they could not help but incorporate it create customer stickiness.

Art of Storytelling with Photography

I am a blogger who loves clicking pictures. Besides, Storytelling with pictures is very important in Lifestyle and Beauty blogging where everything needs to be visually appealing to explore them further.

It is the time-economy and the passion of getting things right on first attempt, which drives me to use a better camera while applying my creativity. Oh No! I am not a Photoshop blogger and I like to tell stories as real as possible. Hence, a good mobile camera works well for me. [Ofcourse, image potential and lighting is equally important too]

Having a tech background, I have seen mobile photography evolve and I cannot settle for a great handset with poor camera. My quest for trying new devices got me exploring the new Nubia Z11 MiniS and off course, its feature enriched camera.

My tryst with Nubia

When Nubia PR team contacted me to try their upcoming handset- Nubia Z11 MiniS, I got intrigued by their interesting logo with a touch of Binary fonts. I played with the device for 2-3 days, especially with the camera.

Since we are talking about the lifestyle photography and storytelling, I will tell you my view via some pictures that I clicked using Nubia Z11 MiniS or of the handset.

Let’s begin with the Camera Features

Nubia Z11 MiniS has a 23 MP fast focus rear camera + 13 MP front camera with Selfie Fill Light and Real-Time Video Call Filters

The phone camera is equipped with different pre-set click modes like-

1)    Photo- The normal mode with pictures
2)    Pro: Akin to Manual modes wherein you can change the settings
3)    Pretty: Beauty Camera for real-time skin enhancing effect
4)    Video Mode
5)    Camera- friendly: It is an interesting gamut of different modes to bud your creativity. It comes with in-built features, like- Panorama, Multi exposure, slow shutter, Time lapse etc
Let’s quickly check all the features.

Photo Mode
The Phone has around 9 different image-light settings to enrich your photography experience. It gives a single window preview before clicking the picture. It is an interesting and easy to process setting that helps you choose the right filter and click.

Pretty Mode

This is the beautification mode wherein you can choose the range of modification that will make your skin looks blemish-free, flawless depending upon the range you choose from 0-10. It is one of the highly popular features of any good mobile camera these days-

Unlike some other camera, including OPPO F1 series, this feature also gives you choice of 9 different filters in a single window, real time. Here’s how it looks-

So you cannot just make your face look prettier [read flawless and smooth] but also can choose a right filter, matching the surroundings, your liking etc.

Video Mode
It is a simple video mode and I was planning to shoot a youtube video using this. However, given the time constraint I could not shoot or explore more.

Camera Friendly
This segment has different features like Pano [Panoramic click] to double exposure or Macro camera for people who like to explore more with their mobile cameras.

Pro Mode
This is for DSLR friendly people who like to set their own camera, ISO settings manually.

So those were the broad camera features of Z11 MiniS Mobile that you can use, explore and shoot with.

The phone is also equipped with The Qualcomm® Snapdragon 625™ MSM8953 Octa-Core Processor clocked at a speed of 2.0 GHz that is coupled with Adreno 506 image processor powers the device.

Form factor
It is not just a feature enriched handset but it comes with a good and a sturdy design too. It has a 98% metal unibody, and screen size 5.2 inch full HD with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass.

People who like to click, do not count the numbers of pictures clicked. Being a blogger who do not like to photoshop and mask the reality of an object, I end up clicking numerous pictures to get the best shot. While quality of the clicks are important, it can also result in pictures with high resolution and higher size. I can recall the horrendous experience I had, when I was traveling with one phone and no storage device, and how difficult it became for me to store the pictures and free up the device space to click more. The unavailability of Internet made it tougher.

Nubia Z11 MiniS has a 64 GB RAM wherein you can use 51G as the residual that comes pre-loaded with other apps.

To check other features of Nubia Z11 MiniS, do visit their website.

Haute Kutir Thoughts: The rich feature and good aperture makes Nubia Z11 MiniS a good buy. Do not get bogged down with technical details but check out a demo handset, navigate and explore the features.

The phone has a good form factor, style quotient and is equipped with good features.

The phone is priced at MRP Rs 16999. You can buy this Phone in Amazon, click here 

Stay Haute, Smile and Click

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