How To Be Kiss Ready with Himalaya Mouthwash?

Are You an Onion Head?

I love eating onions but not smelling like them. If your breath smells of the onion, it is not the fault of the poor vegetable but something about your hygiene habits.

Beauty is not just about looking good from outside. How you smell also matters. While there are numerous perfumes in the market that you can spray on your body and hair. However, it is the mouth that gets neglected. A stinking mouth is such a deal breaker and the bad breath is a strict no-no.

What? You want to stop eating onions? Well, that is not a solution. Onions especially raw onions are very good for health as it beats the heat in the body and fights against the cancerous cells.

Besides, it is not just the food that causes teeth stain or bad breath. Brushing after the meal is a good option but not an end solution it itself. Your mouth needs a holistic cleaning, something beyond regular brushing or periodical dentist visits.

Hence, using a good mouthwash is imperative.

Be Kiss Ready With Himalaya Herbals

One of the million things that men want to know about a woman or what is wanted in her man is- Good breath. Trust me very rarely you will find someone who likes to kiss a sack of rotten tomatoes or that strong pungent dinner that they may have eaten. Not me, for sure!

It is not just the food or the cig that you smoke but various other things may cause bad breath. Ageing is one of them. Before you jump guns and say- Hell, I am just 30 years old and my wife is in love with me truly, deeply, madly. Very Good! Now, use a good mouthwash give her the gift of even fresher breath and get ready to play elongated tonsil tennis with your partner. I so much feel like the 80s advertising lady, holding a bottle of Himalaya Mouthwash in my hands, wearing a starch-ironed kurta and smiling on the tune of ting-ting-a ting!

Well, no the products are sponsored but my views are solely owned and not biased. I give a lot of weight to fresh breath, not just in my partner but anyone I meet. Can't stand that odour you see!

New Himalaya Herbals Mouthwash
As a teen, I use to abhor certain mouthwash due to those heavy bitter taste. Bitter is good for health, said all elders unless you mention Alcohol. Alcohol, yes another problem to dealt with other mouthwash that I was using was the Alcohol content that made it taste very bitter for me. Even if it meant that I remain with the dragon breath I woke up with. 

The good thing is this mouthwash from Himalaya are not alcohol based. Not just that, it comes in three exciting flavours. They are-

1) Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash in Papaya & Pineapple Flavor
It is a refreshing mint flavour that claims to aid in whiter teeth without chemical bleach

2) Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash in Saunf & Mint Flavor
It is a formulation packed with Fennel seed which helps prevent mouth odour and promises to give long-lasting fresh breath.

3) Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash in Miswak & Pomegranate Flavor
 It is a floral mint flavour that helps in maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

I never thought a pineapple for a bad breath. Well, when pineapple can fight flatulence, what is bad breath.

Price: Rs 95/-

So, which flavour are you trying today?

Mouth Freshener V/s Mouthwash
I have spoken about this launch on my Snapchat and Instagram stories. A couple of your replied back saying you prefer a tasty mouth freshener any day than buying/stocking a mouthwash. Well, to answer your query, it is like using a room freshener in lieu of room cleaning. While a mouth freshener may be tastier to eat but it may not be good for your health or may not help to kill the unwanted bacteria in your mouth. A mouthwash helps in killing those bacteria to a substantial rate.

The product claims to kill bacteria up to 99.8% and gives up to 12-hour protection from the germs.

What I liked about the Product

1) Range of flavours including Meswak and Saunf plus new variants like pomegranate and papaya
2) NO Chemical Bleach Included
3) Devoid of Alcohol based formula hence no bitter taste
4) Chemical Composition and age instruction are written on the label

What I did not Like
1) Inferior packaging; bleeding cap

Overall, it is a useful product for oral hygiene and must be used twice, daily.

So do not be an Onion Head and try Himalaya Mouthwash today.

So before you go for that kiss, go for a 30 seconds swill and see the difference!

Smell fresh, breath fresh
Haute Kutir

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