My Latest MEB Video, Giveaway Update and More

Hi Lovelies,

Vlogging is a huge exercise but indeed a fun thing to do. I am glad about your super positive responses on my videos thus far and cannot share to upload more videos.

Of all the different videos that I have tried shooting for my blog, YouTube Channel, the unboxing videos are most frequent in numbers and quite close to my heart. I love unboxing the monthly subscription boxes especially the beauty subscription box like My Envy Box and others.

I hope you have subscribed to my YouTube Channel and watching all the videos that I upload. In case, if you do not want miss any new uploads, go to my channel and press the bell button to get notified everytime I upload a new video. Pssst, do not worry, I won't spam :)

Thank you for your love and feedback on my unboxing and review post My Envy Boxing March 2017.

I am back from my Sikkim trip and as promised you in the post hitherto, I could finally manage to be home, edit the video and upload on my +YouTube India channel. It may be a bit too late, considering the latest box will be out for delivery from 2nd week of April. Nevertheless, I am posting the video here along with links of past few MEB unboxing videos, just in case some of you may want to refer them back.

Of course, I would need your love and support to watch, like, comment and share on this video/ other videos on MyYouTube Channel

So, go ahead- watch, comment, like and subscribe. 

Important Notification
Last Month, I have hosted a Youtube giveaway on my channel wherein I have got an overwhelming response from a lot of you. Love to all who participated in this video, shared and subscribed.

I am in middle of skimming through your comments and will soon come up with winner[s]. Unfortunately, there are quite some spam messages that I need to filter through and hence the delay. 

I am meanwhile, also working on some of my old videos that I have shot quite some time back but couldn't edit and upload. yes, I know "work expands as time expands" but I will upload new one super soon. Maybe tomorrow, since tomorrow is Monday, a day other than Wednesday/Thursday when I usually upload my videos.

So be patient and keep watching/ reading Haute Kutir.

Have a Good Life,
Haute Kutir

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