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January, February in April?

I know this is the obvious question and definitely eligible for brickbats. I hold guilty and must admit that even though I shot this video 2 months back, I could not post this until now. 

Why I did not? 
Well, a lot of things happened during that period including a severely bad health condition [My frequent visits and tests at KDAH on Snapchat & Instagram Stories were a living proof of that.] Then some newer and immediate commitments came knocking my mindshare, some dull phase of life, travel, family commitments et cetera wherein everything took a first precedence than the post that was my personal quest and not actually a tethering responsibility.

Why Am I Posting It Now
They say better late than never. And if you liked something, you must tell people [readers] about it, in case if someone is looking to buy in that category, it may help.

So living with that belief and the jest of sharing as much I can with others, I after weeks of contemplations and denial, decided to take it live.

Above all, dude it is my blog wherein I can post my content [esp if it is requested by readers] better late than never. No? :)

Have my views changed?
Before I envisage that, let us first quickly see all the products that I have mentioned there-

1) Real Technique Makeup brushes- Sam's Pick

2) Lakme Absolute Illuminate Eye-shadow [French Rose]

3) Votre Face Serum

4) Organic Harvest Lip Balm- Strawberry

5) Himalaya Rich Cocoa Body Butter

I have spoken about each of them at the [bearable] length in my YouTube Video here, which I would humbly request you all to "watch" and if possible- "Do Subscribe".

Appending the video here -

In case, if you are not able to watch it here, here are the links you may want to check-

My Views on the products mentioned in this video [Then and Now]

1) Real Technique Makeup brushes- Sam's Pick

They come in six different types and are fluffy, soft, with taper and an absolute delight to work with. The form factor is sexy and the grip is good/hygienic. I bought them with great hope and they [especially the buffing brush] did not let me down. 

Recommend? Yes!

2) Lakme Absolute Illuminate Eye-shadow [French Rose]

I am an undying fan of Victoria secret makeup palette and often use all my eye-shadow and blush from it or the moe platter. 

I reviewed the Lakme Absolute Illuminate range by Sabyasaachi on my blog and received a lot of enquiries about the eye-shadow range. Hence, I decided to try it and, it thankfully did not let me down. I have two palettes, one I got at Lakme-Grazia Tea Party at Asilo, Mumbai and another one I bought online.

In this video, I have talked about the Shades type- French Rose. It comes in 6 different shades from Salmon to orange to other mild hues of pink, including a beige tone. The product is handy and comes with an in-built mirror. The shades are simple, matte and refreshing and have a soft texture. Pigmentation is good.

Do Check My Video Review of Lakme Absolute Illuminate Range

3) Votre Face Serum
I liked the small bottle, the dropper head and often use it with my foundation or moisturiser on shower fresh face. I have a calming effect on my face and gets absorbed easily. I heard that a lot of my readers/followers did not like this product. So I suggest you try it before you buy as it is no cheap at Rs 1700. Yes, I think the product is slightly over-priced. If you are looking for face serums, you can also try the Green Tea Serum from Innisfree that I have reviewed on my blog. Pssst I heard, it is Bipasha Basu's Favourite :)

4) Organic Harvest Lip Balm- Strawberry
I loved the cute packaging, neutral fragrance and rich texture. I am still using it and it is so far, so good! Do Try.

5) Himalaya Rich Cocoa Body Butter
I have reviewed this product in details on my blog. My first impression about it was good and my current impression is also good. It is creamy, rich and soothing. Do Try.

Well, those were my collective thoughts and favourites for the mentioned months. Of course, they aren't one time fancy. I still have them and using.

Would you have any query regarding the products that I mentioned here or feedback or personal experience, do share here. Sharing is caring and I do care for you.

Cheers to the beautiful you!
Haute Kutir

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