Fresh Beginnings with Triple Gold Reserve Black Dog

Recently, I changed my role from an analyst to heading the HNI- High Networth Individual AKA High Value in my company. I was hesitant at first to accept it but then I had limited options available in my hand then including not shifting out of Mumbai and have to make up my mind and take decisions, soon.

My close friends and my family had the hint that how I was done with my analyst profile and been wanting to move into a different role. Things were not going smooth from past many months and I seriously needed the break. However, the tipsy turvy and often highly distressing things at office and personal life was not allowing me to settle and I thought of taking this call. MOving out of Mumbai was not an option in my list and in spite of few good offers outside Mumbai, me and my father agreed on not calling the city quits so early.

Communication at office and with HR went kaput and was rather incommunicado and often leaving me more distressed. I was not sure if I can talk openly to anyone in office or burden my family with my pain. One thing was sure that I wanted to change my current profile badly but was unsure of the next that was being offered.

Hell hath no fury when a woman is scorned. However this time I tried to "Stay Calm and Drink Whisky"..haha ha ha. I gave a shoot out to my friends. It's been long long time since we last break bread. So I called them to eat some white pasta and sip Black Dog Whisky. Well in that moment I learnt who my true friends were, who sensed the pain in my eyes and cared to reach out to me without being judgemental. All they knew that I am not happy. All they did was to cheer me up and take the plunge.

So that was the Black and White evening that I spoke about, in my post hitherto. Why I called it Black and white-

a) I paired the evening with white pasta and Black Dog TGR
b) The evening earmarked the end of a journey- my a month old blog journey with Triple Gold Reserve and fresh beginnings of a new journey- my new role as HNI Head.

Over the cups of whisky [disguised in teacups to relive a moment of being true speakeasy] we discussed that how a lot of us need break from their mundane routines and try something new. It is then I took a glance at the bottle of "Black Dog" label and recommended a unique outdoor activity- Angling!

Angling and scotch whisky. Two of the friends are working on a right place and plan, and I shall keep you posted as and when it happens.

Team Black Dog, if you are taking stock of it, do care to organize one such vents and call us all qualifying bloggers to be part of such unique branding event- angling with finest Scotch. Aha! so many ideas for you marketers, when you meet/ interact with numerounity aka Haute Kutir.

Friends I hope you have been reading the disclaimer at the end of all my posts in "Black Dog TGR" series which says- "This post is for the people age 25 years or above".

I hope you are taking stock of this statutory warning and others that read- Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive. Remember, it takes a lifetime and years to create something but just few seconds to destroy it completely. So be sane, be cheerful, enjoy your whiskies and food and be good!

Ciaos Amigo!

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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