Mercedes Benz Fashion week 2015 and Exotic Jungle in Europe

I know what you must be thinking when I said "Mercedes Benz" fashion week and "Exotic Jungle" in same line. Well some of you who were there guessed it right, I am talking about none other than the designer Sai Suman who made India Proud.

Yes Sai Suman, the ammachi Mumbai [our Mumbai City] based designer, is the very first Indian designer to get invited to feature her collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion week, held in Mat 2015 at Europe.

"Exotic Jungle" is the name of the featured collection. The collection was all about evening gowns and men' suit. Here;s a dekko at her collection.

The designer with her show-stopper outfit. I liked the way she has chosen cream and gold to fit in the theme. 

Displaying Collection 1.jpeg
Displaying Collection 3.JPG

The headgear may look little out of place but I liked the Teal shade of the shirt and the suit silhouette too sound interesting. Look closer. What do you say?

Displaying Collection 2.jpeg

Isn't this lovely or say something unsual? Well the gown in red is my favorite.

As you could see, the collection featured some inventive gowns which brought imaginative side of the audience alive. This event was graced by Esteemed Politicians, fashion connoisseurs and celebs across Europe.

Sai was also rewarded "Fashion designer of 2013" at Dubai fashion awards. so what do you think of her creativity?

Let her know your views on her collection. Till then, keep reading- Haute Kutir

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