Simple and Natural Skin Care Tips for the Beautiful You

Holla Beautiful,

Yes, the gorgeous you. It's June and Monsoon had already hit different cities in India including Mumbai. Yeah, from the hot scorching sun, its the moist weather all around. Wonder all the impact it does on your skin, your tender skin? If you ask me- a lot. A change in weather does have a lot of impact on your hair and skin. In order to combat with changes and keep your skin healthy meanwhile, you need to take proper care of your skin.

Do not worry, we would not going entail some expensive products and treatments. In today's post, we shall discuss some "simple and natural" tips for skin care. Ayurveda has many time-proven formulas to protect your skin, make it clear and radiant, and healthy. 

Here are few tips from the basket of Ayurveda-

1) Drink Lot of water- Our body is made of approx 70% water and more. Drinking water increases the intake of fluids in your skin and keep it hydrated and help to fight any toxic accumulating inside. rather it helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Make sure you drink at least 1litre of water every day.

2) The wonder Herb- Neem: Neem is like an "Amruta" for the skin. The otherwise bitter plant is like a boon for the skin. If you can make a paste of a few Neem leaves and drink 2 spoonfuls of it, nothing like it. If you can't do it, do not worry, using Neem leaves in bathing water can also help purify your skin.

In monsoon, the skin may contact many bacteria and fungal infections, and having a bath with Neem water [Neem leaves soaked in water] or using a Neem soap helps prevent the same.

3) Ayurvedic over Cosmetics- Avoid using cosmetics with high chemical composition. Irrespective of brand, some cosmetics are laden with a high amount of chemicals including Paraben that may be harmful to your skin. These days a lot of products comes with Ayurveda as a base composition. Do try them [samples] before using and if it suits, go ahead and replace your chemical-laden beauty products with Ayurveda products

4) DIY Turmeric Paste: If you have oily, pimple prone skin, then take the raw Turmeric root [not the processed powder] and make a thick paste using milk and rose water. Clean your face and apply it as a face mask and keep it around 20-25 minutes and wash off with normal water. It adds instant glow and helps to combat pimples and oil in the skin. If you think the process is messy, then you can simply go for a "Turmeric based face cream" as available in the market. One such brand is- Vicco Turmeric. The age-old Ayurveda cream now comes with a Foam base.

5) Replace Cola with Herbal Tea- Aerated drinks a lot of harm to your skin and given the moist and humid nature of the season, one is propelled to have lots of hot beverage while the rains and then shift to aerated drinks post rain when it gets humid. This does a lot of harm to our skin. Instead, treat yourself with some Homemade Herbal tea made with Ginger and lemon, or switch to green tea, They are not just high in anti-oxidants but provide a healthy glow to the skin.

6) Keep your skin clear and clean- The moisture in the environment can accumulate over skin and cause bacterial infection. To prevent that, keep your skin cleansed. You can use a natural cleanser like water and Bengal Gram Flour.

7) Eat a Healthy Diet- Nothing can beat a healthy diet that aims to cleanse your body and provide natural nourishment to eat. Its monsoon time, to ensure that you clean and boil the vegetable well before eating them.

That's all Folks for today. Keep watching the space, we shall keep sharing more at the Blog.

Take care of the skin you are in and enjoy Monsoon.

Team Haute Kutir

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