Dabur's #FirstLove with Goodness of Olive and Almonds

They say when a child is born, a mother is born too. 

A child is a woman's labor of love, the precious treasure that she holds closest to her. Similarly, ask a child and irrespective whether a child is able to express it or not, but a child's first love is her/his mother. Ever wondered, why a mother is special to a child, more than a father? You may have heard about the "touch therapy". The theory that suggests how a single touch of a mother relieves a child immediately. The therapeutic and healing power of a mother's touch has inspired many writers, poets to write about the same. It has even inspired many a child care products/services company too.

Mothers around the world, raise up their children from infants, nurture them, pamper them with things and therapies that boost a child's feeble immune system and strengthen them. One such therapy is "baby massage". yes, it is a perfect amalgamation of a mother's touch and child's nourishment. Apart from the food and mother's milk, baby massage is seen as a very important ritual in our books of scriptures and health care.

While you massage your baby daily to strengthen the immune system, it is imperative that along with right massaging technique, you should use right kind of product i.e., baby massage oil that not just provide good nourishment to your child but also is enriched with right ingredients and is suitable for a child' skin which is Tender than anything else.

Keeping the same in Mind, Dabur- one of the most trusted brands in India has launched new massage oil for babies that are designed to give the most benefits to the delicate skin of babies. The oil is enriched with Olive and Almonds- nature's evergreen ingredient that adds smoothness, strength, and shines to the human body. Not just that, keeping babies' sensitive skin in mind, the oil is FREE From Parabens and Parrafins which are harmful or detrimental to a baby's health. 

How does the oil nourishes the baby's skin and with regular massage, it helps in fast-developing the baby's muscles and enhancing bone formation? ain't that lovely?

Haute Kutir Reviews Dabur baby massage oil
Okies, so am not a mother yet and irrespective of fact that I have helped many children grow [raising them] it does not count until I babysit my friends', relatives children. Do I mind babysitting? Well as long as babies are not cranky.

So we tested this oil on a friend's child who simply loves getting pampered by his mom but hates oil massages. My friend normally gives the child a cream and moisture massage. Off late she tried using the pure almond oil that her family in Punjab used to send for the child and loved the impact it has on a child. One day while she was massaging her baby, when she turned her baby down on his stomach to massage his back, she didn't realize when the child's hands reached the bottle and spilled it down. she was little apprehensive to pull the spilled oil back in bottle and meantime, not willing to hold the massage for days till the new supplies reach her. She called me up to ask if at Haute Kutir we know any place where "pure almond oil" is available. When I told her about the New Dabur Oil that Blogadda sent us for their #FirstLove activity, she was apprehensive yet gave it a try.

The good things about the oil-
  • The goodness of Natural Oil- Almond and Olive
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Mild fragrance
  • Paraffin Free
  • Dermatological tested
  • Mild to use, nonirritant [however, each baby's skin is unique, check before directly applying to your baby]
  • Comes in a cute plastic bottle with pour-in cap
  • Economically priced at Rs 110 for 100 ml
  • It gets easily absorbed on a baby's skin
What the baby and mother did not like about the oil
Nothing in particular. Except for the fragrance sometimes gets a little too strong for a baby.

Aha! and do not forget to give your baby a good bath post-oil massage, like Renu, does here with her bundle of joy [in left]-

Disclaimer: the product experience may vary from baby to baby, so do check before applying this to your baby. In case of any irritation, wash off immediately and disconnect use.

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