OYO Rooms Review and my #OYOXplorer Travelogue with Oyo Rooms Mumbai

You know the best part of travelling intercity? Ah! exploring new places of interests like monuments, food, cafe, local cuisine, meeting new people and knowing their stories and much more. And well, the worst part of travelling? Well finding a good place to stay -alone or with Family.

I know you have a plethora of websites that throws suggestions, insights and whole lot of user experience and info for different hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast and this and that. Like I said a plethora of websites and all mixed information that varies city to city, person to person, experience to experience. Man! you are not travelling to another city to "check-in" to a hotel, so why you need to spend so much time worrying and researching the same? Time for making Travel comfortable and convenient, time for "standardisation". Well aren't our requirements while looking for a hotel is standardised after all? How? Read on...

So you are travelling in India and looking for a reasonable place to stay, which may have-

If you have chosen the last option, then you must check "OYO Rooms" as your travel partner without any capital or AMC and, available across the cities. 

About OYO Rooms: OYO Rooms is the fastest-growing branded network of budget hotels. Founded in 2013, OYO Rooms is backed by Lightspeed Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Green Oaks Capital. OYO Rooms has more than 350 hotels under its brand.

Why OYO Rooms?
Well seeing is believing. Before you ask- why OYO Rooms, see this-

Well, this information was not enough and since seeing is believing, group of 30+ no of bloggers across India [including yours truly] took up the adventure and seek out on #OYOXplorer last week across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Goa to experience this new concept while keeping the main objective of a travel intact i.e. Explore the unexplored.

#OYOxplorers experience

Last week, I was invited to experience the hospitality of OYO Rooms in Juhu, Mumbai. I was welcomed by the affable Nijish and his very hospitable staff who quickly helped me to check-in and escorted me to my room. My room, Ah! The room was the corner room with windows opening to beautiful sky view and a lovely glimpse of the nearby Juhu beach. The room was road facing and still unperturbed by the noise of traffic below. Here's a dekko-

Inside the Room-

So, spent enough time checking the room...now waiting for my #OYOGoodies and team signals to move on and explore the city... Mumbai...

That's me, leaning aside the window watching the sunshine. The room I stayed- 302 which opened on main road.

The explorer in me is all set to go... Here's my #OYOSelfie with #OYOMerchandize that team asked me to do. Hope I have nailed it.

When In Rome, do as Romans- When in Juhu, #MustVisit Juhu Beach
OYO Rooms wanted us to leave our stay worries with them and go ahead and explore the city. The team handed us with a list of #PlacesToVisit in #Mumbai along with some cool Restaurant's reference and shopping destinations. Given the limited availability of time, we rushed to the popular Juhu Chowpatty.

As we entered, we were greeted by the man in uniform, who in spite of heat and dust was standing there, doing their duty to safeguard civilians. I managed to engage in conversation with them and took this selfie with #ManInUniform, saluting their spirits-

Life is one strange series of one after another and continuing the same, we went another stranger and learned his story that how he came from Bihar to Mumbai for a livelihood that he earns selling tea at the beach. Here's #selfie with a stranger and his story

Selfie with Children

When at Chowpatty, do try out some cool street food. Here's a #Vadapav Selfie

Oops, it was spicy. Need to have some cold refreshments. Here's the #MumbaiIndian sipping a +Pepsi and #kalaKhatta

Saluting the men in uniform!

Meeting a stranger and listening his story.

The Prodigal Son

A Pillion ride

Bollywood when Phata poster and nikla Haider!

At the sun-set!

Whoa! what a day! We started for the photo ops at 4:30 and it was 7:00 pm but still, we were unstoppable. The clicks just did not stop and we loved going on and on.. There was so much to explore in streets of Mumbai and so little time.

As we returned back to OYO, we found 3 bloggers leaving. I was heartbroken to be left behind but thank god for the amazing bloggers that we had there, soon my disappointment turned into an evening full of non-stop discussions, chit-chat and a lovely dinner that lasted till 12:00 am in the night.

The morning was a lovely sunrise with new beginnings and new experience. Thank you team Indiblogger and Team OYO Rooms with this beautiful experience.

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