From K-amasutra to Aam-Sutra- Tropicana Slice Up Mangoes with New Alphonso Flavor

It is summer time here again! You know the best things about summer? Well for one- Mangoes. Other- Mangoes and every time you ask me, the foodie in me will say- Mangoes!

Mangoes is quite popular in International market and hence they are been exported in large quantities, shedding the availability in India. Given the wide varieties of Mangoes from Totapuri to Langda to Baiganpalli to Badami,Kesar, Dasehri to Hapus.. Yes Hapus AKA Alphonso it is. They say Mango is king of fruits and Alphonso is king of Mangoes. However, with increased export rates of Alphonso, they are hard to find in India and if found, are quite heavily priced. Sigh! where will this mango lover go?

Well, well, this Alphonso lover has to nowhere or anywhere and can enjoy the taste of Alphonso at door step. How? Well Beverage brand Slice has come up with all new Variant of slice in Alphonso flavor and I could not stop going ga-ga about. Nor did Katrina Kaif. Here's a dekko-

Hmmm, so we could not stop marveling at the new flavor and get ourselves the same ordered from Amazon website, right at the comfort of our home.

Review of Tropicana Slice- Alphonso Flavor

What the Brand Claims- Real taste of Alphonso, all year through in the form of beverage. Made from hand picked Alphonso from the well mango estate of Ratnagiri- Maharashtra

Haute Kutir Experience: It comes in a easy to use and carry bottle. Once you open the bottle, you would love the distinctive mango fragrance. the distinctive orange-kesri color entices you to go ahead and bottoms down th entire content but no, good taste needs to be savored slowly and relish upon.

Thankfully the texture is quite smooth and it taste well. Initially, it felt little too sugary but as you sip further, you begin to like it as much. Given the smooth texture, it can blend well to make some interesting summer cocktails and mocktails. We tried this in its purest form and liked it.

One thing that I liked a lot about the beverage is that it does retain the mango flavor and offers a good proposition to be mixed and blended with some other beverages and ingredients to make a good summer drink. Well, we are gonna try making ice-lollies and beat the heat. 

What we did not liked about it: As mentioned hitherto, it is little too sugary in taste and may not be apt for health conscious. 

Overall we loved this brand new taste and look forward to pair the same with other drinks and lollies.

Oh yes, this makes an awesome option to serve your guests, provided you could manage to not finish it in one go and still care to share with others.

Aamsutra it is ;)

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