Review of Garnier Fructis Oil- in-Cream for Hair that hates Oiling

Hair oiling is a quintessential part of our hair care routine. Irrespective that we have got oily hair or dried ones, oiling is considered as one of the must-have for our hair care regime. You love it or hate it, oiling is quintessential for your hair wellness.

Why do we hate oiling? is it cause-
1) It's sticky and messy
2) Doesn't come off easily and need repeat wash
3) Invites more dirt and grime
4) Make our hair look flat
5) Spoils the feather reed, white pillows
6) Eeeks I don't want to be seen with oiled hairs, It is so LS
7) Time-related issues
8) All of the above

So if your hair oil woes match any of the above or some of the above or, all of the above, you must read on. Even if you are a happy hair oil user, you can still read.

For Haircare major Garnier Fructis has come with a revolutionary product that claims to change the way how we look at our hair care regime, in particular oiling our hair.

What if I say, don't oil your hair but replace it with cream?

Garnier Fructis Oil -In cream
It is a breakthrough product that aims to replace oil by giving the same benefits as oil but with a lesser mess. How?

So I was not a great Garnier Fructis Fan until I tried their 3 in 1 Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. So when Garnier sent me their new "oil-in-cream", I could not resist trying

How to Use it
You can use it just like you do with your hair oil, 

Before wash or Overnight: Take it on your fingertips and work through in your hair and scalp and left till you shampoo. 
Quantity Taken: Generous depending on your hair length.
After Shampoo: Use on Hair lengths only
Quantity Taken: Moderate, depending on your hair length

I am loving the different innovative products that FMCG brand Garnier is coming up with these days. Last year they came up with Revolutionary 3 in 1 oil Hair nourishing shampoo and conditioner, which made even the none Garnier Fructis users like me to try the product. here's my verdict:

Haute Kutir Experience: I loved the neat Yellow Tube packaging that the product came in. Very Peppy, very youthful and chic. I have used the product twice thus far and have a mixed view, primarily good. Both the times I have used it 'overnight' before washing the next day.

What I liked-
1) Non-messy and non-sticky
2) Comes with the goodness of Coconut, Almond and Olive Oil [Brand Claims]
3) Light texture- almost invisible
4) Smooth Hair Post wash
5) Easy to carry
6) You can wear it out as well unlike oil, it does not ruffle your hair form
7) Competitively and economically priced

What I did not Like-
Does not prevent hair loss- While applying it, I realized a good amount of hair fall which is likely but lesser during the hair oils that I generally apply

Haute Kutir Verdict: Unlike hair styling creams, Garnier Fructis Oil-in-cream is quite a breakthrough formula to replace hair oil. The benefit varies on hair type and terms of usage. Except for the hair fall, I did not face any other negative experience and would definitely try it next time with precaution while applying. It appears mild and is a very subtle fragrance that do not overpower your nose. If you are looking for a smooth hair post-wash, go for it. But do not expect it to bring shine to your dull hair as it neither claims nor may deliver. However, if you are not comfortable with oiling your hair, I would suggest that you do try this product. At Rs 60 for 100Gms, it is indeed worth trying. So go ahead suit yourself and color your hair care world- Garnier

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