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Oops! It's about to be eight o' clock in the evening and guess what, I am already late for my favorite show. It is not something new that is happening today, but it had been happening to me almost every single day. I miss out on several of my favorite shows on a regular basis due to late working hours and work-home distance. The re-runs are pretty late in the night and I can't afford to wait thus long. Wish there was something in near proximity, available whenever I wanted at my fingertips!
Another problem with TV is - intruding advertisements and mass market content. I hate changing channels and have been looking for a single screen-single medium ‘Entertainment Destination’, where I can easily watch breaking news, the latest movies, trending videos, funny episodes and so much more.

I am ok for a mobile app provided-
1) It is reliable
2) Works on different data Speed
3) Presents Exclusive Content
4) Can be used in multiple screens like Mobile, IPTV, and even  PC.

I guess I need something like Nexg TV.

Don’t know what is nexGTv? Well for the un-initiated, it is an award-winning app which offers wholesome entertainment across multi-screen devices.
How Does it work?
Simply visit their website and register using your phone number. The registration is secured via OTP and once you have registered as a user, you can log in and access the content library. 
It has been ranked amongst the Top 10 apps in this category across app stores, and has also been chosen as the ‘The Best Digital Experience’ at the prestigious world communication Awards 2014.  Some salient features of this app that make it interesting for Team Haute Kutir are as following-
1) Works across screens
2) Compatible with most smartphone networks including Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Tizen, irrespective of bandwidth.
3) The app runs across different data networks including 2G, EdGE, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks
4) Streams over 155 live TV channels with TV shows, movies and videos
5) A unique feature of ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ for ease of watching
 Well, that is quite simple and cool. Isn't it? Next, when you are stuck in traffic or are on a boring journey, you just know what to do.
Idiot Box, here you are, on my Smartphone...
Team Haute Kutir

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