#SABSeAnokhaUmbrella with #SABTv - The wholesome Family Entertainment Channel

Monsoon Monsoon.... So when it pours, you purr and set the household uproar as its raining outside and you are nothing but #HouseArrested! Phew!

I know, monsoon though is such a lovely month, it still comes with many cons than pro, one including- making your activities restricted and hold back. But now my dearie, do not hold back the fun and entertainment in your life. So what if you cannot go out? You can have all the fun and chuckle at the comfort of your home, sofa and that delicious bowl of hot spicy pakodas.

Entertainment major SABTv brings you unadulterated, fun at the convenience of your fingertips. SAB TV has an umbrella of offering entertainment from all genres including comedy [the most popular], drama, movies and family romcom. It is an out an out family channel that aims to provide "wholesome" and "umbrella" of entertainment for you and your family.

So what happens when the "umbrella" brand of a channel tries to create history by making a most unique umbrella in the heart of Mumbai? Aha, that sounds interesting. read more to know more about #SABseAnokhaUmbrella


Entertainment major and a favorite of all families in India, SAB TV created one of the world's largest Umbrella in town. To inaugurate the same, the channel invited media, bloggers, fans along with the star cast of its few shows including Yam hai Hum, Baalveer and Badi door se Aaye hai [Hemant Ghotala & Bhairavi]. But before we show you the glimpse of some of your favorite stars, here's few photos from the venue before the unveil-

Sounds interesting? Well it indeed was. I was pleased to see Manav Gohil, TV's favorite poster boy who plays the lead character in "Yam Hai Hum". His overall gesture to the role and performance will make you say- Yum Hai Hum. He was there with the beautiful actress Sudeepa who plays head Angel in children entertainment fiction- Balveer. The two of them pulled the crowd and paparazzi went crazy on them as they graced the stage, below the cloudy skies and mass public. 

Here's a dekko at your favorite stars

And if you missed seeing them live in action, here's a small video at close up-
Video 1

The actors were indeed charming and took to the crowd humbly b answering their questions and posing for pictures.

Why #SABseAnokhaUmbrella

Well it is created as an ongoing series of teaser to promote upcoming #AnokheAwards+ on #SABTv that will be airing on 31st July evening. I would be tuned in to my TV, aha #SABTv. How about you?


Go ahead and increase the entertainment quotient with family and friends cause as SABTv says- Asli mazaa SAB ke saath aata hai [real fun comes being with everyone]

You can increase your entertainment quotient and get hooked to SabTv via social media as well. Check out its Facebook and Twitter account and follow for more insight, news, updates and entertainment

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