Dining Etiquette and Brunch with Femina Believe at Hakassan Mumbai

Holla! New women. Know how to carry yourself well. How to wear that sash and curl your tongue to separate Orchids from Lemongrass. Learn to wear your lipstick well and rim your peeps with kohl. Time is changing, and as we get more contemporary, we need to muster our feminine self and master the art of self-grooming.
Etiquette is all human social behavior. If you're a hermit on a mountain, you don't have to worry about etiquette; if somebody comes up the mountain, then you've got a problem. It matters because we want to live in reasonably harmonious communities.

Judith Martin

Human is a social animal and since we do not live in seclusion, nor are we hopeless cynics, we need a standard principle to follow especially while moving in social circus oops circuits. I have often seen myself getting irritated at a lot of social dine outs wherein I see people wearing high-end labels but eating their food as grossly as I can not imagine. Baring a few formal dine outs, I have barely seen people respecting the art of culinary sciences or cohabitation of the same dining table.

During my MBA, I have taught myself etiquette dos and don't of different countries and baring occasional exceptions, have followed them mostly. So when Femina invited me to attend a "Femina Believe workshop on Dining Etiquette", I could not refuse the invitation to have brunch with my fellow bloggers and revise my knowledge of dining etiquette at the lovely premise of Hakassan, Mumbai.

If Chopsticks baffle you..... Brunch with Femina Believe
Femina has become a quintessential synonym with women and all thing feminine and pretty. Everything attached to them is beautiful, sassy and elegant. So was this event. 

The headline of the invite arrested my attention. I have tried mastering the art of using chopsticks very unsuccessfully in past and wanted to give it another try.

About Femina Believe

Femina Believe is a learning academy that conducts workshops in make-up, personality development, communication skills, and dining etiquette.

Dining Etiquette with Greeshma Thampi at Hakkasan, Bandra
We were greeted with a bubbly Sangria at the beautiful Hakkasan that was bathed in dim lights and a pleasant ambiance. The tables were set for the bloggers with cutlery and chopsticks in place. Popular Image consultant Greeshma Thampi was the person in charge of the workshop. She took us through a very engaged and interesting workshop that lasted before we could actually realize that we were hungry. 

Here are the details of the event in pictures-

The tables were set at the lovely Hakkasan

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Our Lovely facilitator- Greeshama who took everyone through Do's and Don'ts of fine dining with tips and tricks-

That's me with Greeshma and my blogger friend - Prerna, brushing our hands on "art of using a chopstick". You know the expertise lays in patience, persistence, and practice when it comes to chopsticks as well? :)

Practice my Dear Watson
Theory theory everywhere
takes the little Jim- nowhere.
Well, he ends up being Jack of all Trade,
So let's practice to master our grade

So to break the myth of learning without leading, we had a small yet fun-filled competition wherein we were given peanuts which we have to pick using our chopsticks and drop in the bowl. Obviously, the highest score wins.

But before that, here's how we practiced on our chopsticks skill-

Well, if you were following me on Instagram, you would have got the update long before, you see.

Oh, we? Nah, we couldn't hit the bowl's eyes with peanut escorted from chopsticks. So we have to settle down for lunch, the scrumptious Asian spread that oozed with taste and great presentation. Here's the dekko at the food served.

And the show stopper was this yummy rice dessert. The detailed review will come soon on this blog

When Chopsticks baffle you....practice
The newfound chopstick enthusiast in us, not to be laid behind, took the passion, a plunge further and finished the luncheon with the glorious chopstick that soon started befriending the learners

So before we leave, here's a group picture to keep the memoirs of a day well spent and a brunch, well cherished

And Finally, here's me-

So if you wanna know more about this workshop, visit Femina Believe website or Stay tuned to www.hautekutir.com for more on dining tips and practice along with the jazzy- BMW Method.

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