You, I and #YuvisurfsUC Cricket on UC Browser

After Ma and Cine-ma, if there was any thing that blew people's mind, it was- Cricket and Yuvraj Singh's Match winning Sixers. Yeah Cricket is the most followed and highly agnostic religion in country. What all people do and also, not do to watch cricket. From work, to that romantic date to even an appointment at doctor, cricket fans prefer skipping them over the cricket match. And re-runs? Aha! You remember how popular were the Yuvi's shots? I myself would have seen it 10 time on my phone browser.

Cricket is addictive and cricket is fun. You never know what happens in next ball and if it is one day, then every over is more important than the seven vows of wedding. Yes, I have seen people meddling their wedding dates and time to suit the world cup and other consequential matches. Not just that, people have invested money to install LCDs at their wedding venue to ensure that guests are adequately enteratined. Sorry Munni, sorry Sheila, and even Jalebi Bai, cricket is counted sweet and if the match is between India and other country, every single moment counts. Ball by ball, run by run and wickets are like exhilaration. And cricket has such a midas touch that whatever touches it, whether it is advertising or projects, they turn gold.

New Age Cricket Audience

Once upon a time, people made beeline to the cricket stadiums, sitting on staircase, hanging on the stadium walls, jumping atop the closeby tree, all just to catch glimpse of their "God of Sport" and favorite cricket stars in action. What can be as good as Live watch? Well, times are changing. Schedules are getting busier and audience is getting more demanding than ever. These days, we love everything at the tap of our thumb, on our fingertips. TV and Stadiums have become passe, Internet and smartphone is booming.

Thumb tapper's Cricket
AS life becomes mobile, cricket viewing has converged to smaller screen that you can cary around. yes, I know, I do recall the time when people who cannot watch it on home TV, stood like a mob outside electronic showrooms, office cafeterias to have a glimpse and update of score. Even th one who have to keep stones on heart and travel outside, carried their transistors and tapes for running commentary. Did I mentioned the huge amount of money that mobile companies made by selling "cricket updates" as premium subscriptions?
Well time has changed. With advent of Internet, it has become handy. And with new age browsers, it has become- maska, hai bhai maska. Jhakas Anil Kapoor style.

Surf it all, surf it fast with UC Browsers
Forget compromising on your game for another event in life. Or even struggling with poor internet transitions and forever buffering live streaming to watch your favorite game. With new UC browser that is positioning itself as superfast and preferred browser for making your live cricket viewing experience smooth and real time.
The browser also provides you best cricketing updates including live scores, latest cricketing news among others. Do check out the details at their website to know more. It is compatible with all Android devices and can be downloaded easily via web or google play store.
It is absolutely FREE!

Simple, Open UC Browser- Home Screen- Find "UC Cricket" with Blue icon

So whether pitch is ready or not, there may be chances of match spoiling rain. However, if you are on UC browser, one of the best free downloadable browser for your smart phone and computer, chances are that it won't let spoil your match.

So go ahead and try UC to Cricket!

Haute Kutir

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