5 Must Have Accessories a Man should have while leaving Home

Times are changing, men folks are becoming quite style conscious these days, Unlike the women, a lot of their accessorizing needs comes from utility rather than beauty or charm. The alpha men are indeed conscious about their look as well the kind of accessories they need and carry.

It is hard to remember all the things while going out of the house especially for men. They are in habit of forgetting their necessary belongings that is why either their wives or mother or sister keep on reminding them to take all the essential things along with. Things like car keys, cards, mobile phone etc are some of the essential requirements that must be kept along with. Below is the list of accessories that a man should have while leaving home.  

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Car Keys: It has been observed that most of the men forget their car keys while leaving home and reaches the parking lot where their car is parked. Then they realize that they have actually left the keys somewhere in the house and thus have to run back and fetch the keys. Car keys are essential to be kept with regardless of wherever you are, out of your house. Even if you are at your office or at the party, you must keep a check on your keys before you leave the place. 

Mobile: Significance of the mobile phone is not hidden. All of us know that it is the only accessory that is always with us and that we spend maximum time. It is mandatory to carry your mobile phone, no matter wherever you are going. As anyone has to contact you anytime and because it is only possible through the phone, men must keep them either in their pocket or in the bag that they usually keep with themselves being anywhere. 

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Cards: In today’s world, no-one likes to carry hard cash along with, especially when you have cards to use that is a continues supply of money and you can buy anything with it. The fashion has also changed and moreover, it is the safest mean of carrying money. Any place in today’s world you visit, you can get card swapping machines that have made transactions quite easy. Cards are also among the vital thing that has to be in your wallet or all the men really need to carry their cardholders along-with. Whenever you are not at home, at any moment you might need money, so always keep all your cards before leaving home.    

 Wallet: How can anyone even think of stepping out of their home, without taking their wallet along with? Well, this usually happens with most of the men as they actually forget to carry keep their wallet, before leaving home. You must have kept some cash and petty documents and some identity proofs in your wallet. Then what makes it wiser to actually forget it at home before going out. The wallet is also a mandatory accessory that should be checked twice before leaving home. 

 Deodorant: In such hot weather and sweating, working all day creates a stinking odor in the body. So a deodorant is also a mandatory accessory that must be in the bag of all men. This would help them keep fresh and dump bad odor of body. 

So, these are some of the accessories that are quite a utility driven that a man must check before leaving their home. What's your own list? Do share with us.

Based on your votes, we can hold a giveaway contest for you. So what are you waiting for? Write in today!


  1. So true, I need to improve a lot on this count though. The absent minded me is heavily dependent on my wife and daughters to take care of these issues. An Eye-opener for me perhaps.

  2. So true, I need to improve a lot on this count though. The absent minded me is heavily dependent on my wife and daughters to take care of these issues. An Eye-opener for me perhaps.


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